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Staring contest.....kinda

Submitted by SkyForme

  2. Ash: I have seen Cynthia naked. I cannot open my eyes now for it was too glorious. by
  3. They're dreaming of a better non-Brock impersonation caption next week.... by Angelic Lapras King
  4. Pardon me, but Brock called. He wants his face back. by Quamosthy
  5. Worst staring contest ever! by SirBlaziken
  6. Misty: did someone seriously post a paragraph about all the Brock captions for this Ash: give Brock a racism-break! by
  7. BRACE FOR IMPACT! by Quamosthy
  8. Round 2 of Ash vs Misty in a Brock-off, this time including Pokemon by jagabor
  9. Ash: In the most recent episode I was wearing a dress. Now I'm blind?! by
  10. They've gone blind! by SirBlaziken
  11. They're all having a Brock off! by Captain Jigglypuff
  12. Misty: Brock would so win this contest. Ash: I know, right? by hoytti
  13. Ash: If you don't stare at it, it can't turn you to stone. by
  14. It looks like a game, but their horrified faces reveal the dark truth that Brock has, in fact, stolen their eyes. by Danatales
  15. Ash: I think I need glasses. by
  16. Ash: What'd he say? by
  17. Misty: We are popular in Japan, aren't we? by
  18. Ash: We'd open our eyes, Brock, but that's nasty. Misty: Yeah. Is that why your eyes are always closed? Did you see it, too? by LiquidRage
  19. Dear lord! My eyes! They BURRRRRN! by Quamosthy
  20. Togepi: I am meditating. DO NOT DISTURB ME. by