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Sabrina is the Gym Leader of Saffron city and uses her unbeatable Psychic Pokemon to win. She is basically a psycho and doesn't care about anyone including her parents. She started using Psychic powers when she was a little girl and blew her own house up. She has a doll that lures people to her gym and is sorta creepy - she even turned Ash and Co. into little dolls and got a ball to try roll them over. Luckily her father got there in-time and saved them or Pokemon would be over and there'll be a Digimon dressed in a Pikachu suit going Pika Pika.

Her gym is filled with other Psychics. They tried to bend spoons but Ash beat one of them bending spoons by just using two hands instead of using his mind.

She appeared twice in all the episodes, one in which she beat Ash and the second in which she lost.

She gave the badge to Ash although he didn't actually win in her gym, it was because Ash had a {pkmn|pokemon|93} which made her laugh, Her {pkmn|pokemon|64} was connected to her so it was laughing aswell and couldn't fight. Ash got the Marsh Badge that way and gave the Haunter to her afterwards.

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