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Lawrence III

Lawrence III, a profession collector, was the 'bad guy' who appeared in the second Pokemon film. He travels around the the world in his airship filled with treasures until he reached Shamouti Island.

A greedy man, Lawrence set out to capture the titans fire, ice lightening and the sea. He failed to see what would happen when he did. He knowinly disrupted the balance of power to lure Lugia from ocean hiding place. When the titans, {pkmn|pokemon|146}, {pkmn|pokemon|144} and {pkmn|pokemon|145}, were freed from the bonds by Ash Ketchum and his friends, they began destroying everything in their paths.

By the end of the movie, Lawrence's collection has been destroyed by {pkmn|pokemon|249}, and he stands in the wreck of his airship. He picks up an Ancient {pkmn|pokemon|151} card and vows to begin again. He sounds as if he will succeed. It is romoured he will appear again in the fifth Pokemon movie, Guardians of the Water City.

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