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Erika is the Gym Leader of Celadon City and specialises in grass types. She's tough in battle but cares very much about her Pokémon. She has lots of grass-type Pokémon in her gym to graze around in the rich soil and grass. She sells perfume and according to Ash they smell so nice that they "Turn people into perfume addicted zombies."

She gave the badge to Ash although he didn't actually win in her gym, instead given it because Ash saved her {pkmn|pokemon|44} when it was trapped inside the gym while it was on fire, The fire started when Ash's {pkmn|pokemon|4} and Erika's Gloom did gas and fire attacks, they mixed together and caused an explosion which caused a fire. Erika recieved her Gloom when she was a little girl, she was getting attacked by {pkmn|pokemon|88} when a wild Gloom saved her, she was so glad and happy that she kept it and trained it to become her strongest Pokemon.

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