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Whitney is the leader of the Goldenrod city gym. She specialises in normal-type Pokémon. When Ash and friends first went to her gym in {pkmn|episode|152} it was closed. Whitney then met them while out shopping. They save her {pkmn|pokemon|35} from being stolen by Team Rocket. It is then that she reveals herself as the gym leader and offers to open the gym for them.

The first battle in the gym goes pretty well until Whitney sends out her {pkmn|pokemon|241}. Ash's Pokémon were defeated by its fatal {pkmn|move|205}. He went away to think about what he was going to do. The next day, in {pkmn|episode|153}, Whitney invited them all to her Uncle Milton's Miltank dairy farm.

After another Team Rocket scheme was foiled, Ash requested a rematch. This time - with a lot of strategy - he was able to beat Miltank and win the Plain badge.

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