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Characters: Casey

The basics
Gender: Female
Category: Significant Others
First Episode: The Double Trouble Header


Casey is one of the few guest characters to have made more than one appearance. She comes from New Bark Town in Johto. Ash met her near the town in the early days of her journey, she challenged him to a battle and lost - twice. She chose a Chikorita from Prof. Elm, but has since caught several other Pokemon. A keen fan of baseball, Casey supports team Electabuzz. Ash met her once again, at the the National Park Bug Catching Contest. She is also due to make another appearance in the Master Quest series.

Casey's Pokémon

Appears between The Double Trouble Header and The Bug Stops Here

Appears from The Double Trouble Header

Appears from The Double Trouble Header

Appears between The Bug Stops Here and Heres Looking At You, Elekid

Appears from The Bug Stops Here

Appears from Heres Looking At You, Elekid

Appears from Heres Looking At You, Elekid

Episode appearances

No episode appearances logged

Game Appearances

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