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Characters: Jasmine

The basics
Gender: Female
Category: Gym Leaders
First Episode: Fight for the Light!


Jasmine, the leader of Olivine Gym, has appeared in two episodes. We first saw her in Fight for the Light!. Ash went to the gym and battled who he thought was the real gym leader. Then the real Jasmine arrived and it turned out the other trainer was her apprentice, Jena. Jasmine dissapeared, saying she had stuff to do.

Later, our heroes learned from her apprentice that Jasmine was in the 'Shining Lighthouse.' When they arrived they found Jasmine and an ill Ampharos. Jasmine explained that in the old days this was the only lighthouse, since Ampharos' tail gave off a shiny bright light at night. However, a new one was built when Ampharos became ill. As he badly needed a gym badge, Ash offered to go and pick up some medicine for Ampharos from Cianwood City.

In the end, it was decided that Jasmine's apprentice Jena should get the medicine. Ash and co. went to Cianwood with her and decided to check out the gym there. After a series of adventures in the Whirl Islands, our heroes returned to Olivine in Nerves of Steelix! so that Ash could finally battle Jasmine. The final round against her Steelix was tough, but it earned Ash a Mineral badge.

Jasmine's Pokémon

Appears from Fight for the Light!

Appears from Fight for the Light!

Appears from Fight for the Light!

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