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Pokémon Gold and Silver start like any other adventure, you fill in your name...and the time! There is a built in clock allowing events to only happen at certain times of the week and different Pokémon to be found in the wild depending on the time of day. When you leave your room, your mum (or Mom as it says in the game...), will give you your Pokégear. This is a device which has a built in map, mobile phone, and even a radio! There are 3 new Pokémon to choose from at the start, Chikorita, Totodile and Cyndaquil. In fact, in this game there are 100 new Pokémon.

Pokémon Gold and Silver follow the plot of the originals (which isn't a bad thing), you go to lots of towns and beat their gym leaders. It's not easy in between though, there are lots of puzzles. Also Giovanni left Team Rocket 3 years ago, the Team Rocket executives are there to cause trouble. Watch out! There is a large black-market featuring Slowpoke tails. Luckily you have the chance to save all of those Slowpoke...

In my opinion, this game is a lot easier than Red, Blue and Yellow. I completed it in full Japanese in 3 days, and in the US edition in around 8 hours play. Getting the Pokémon will be tough though.

Later on in the game is the Ice Path, which some people say is the GS victory road, but it's not, it's easy.

When you finally beat all 8 gyms, the game isn't over yet. You head over to the old world (Kanto, or to normal people, the Indigo League), and beat the Elite Four. The lineup has changed! Koga is now there, and there is a ghost trainer called Karen. Beat them, the game isn't finished! Go back to the new world (Johto) and get the SS Aqua to... Wait for it... Vermillion City! You can now play through the Red, Blue and Yellows gyms in any order, with no puzzles, no Silph co, no game corner. It's great!

If you head to Cinnabar Island though, it's destroyed. Blaine has moved to Seafoam Island! Just walk through the door. There is no complicated block pushing puzzles and no Articuno. I'm happy and sad! There's just Blaine. It's good.

OK, by now you want to know about trading, you can trade with other copies of GS from almost the beginning. When you get to Ecruteak City, however, you can trade with Red, Blue and Yellow. Although, it won't even let you access it if you have any of the 100 new Pokémon in your 6, and the originals must not have any new moves. You can then trade back and forth between that.

To sum it all up:

Graphics: 9/10
They could do more in battle graphics...

Sounds: 9/10
Where are the original tunes?

Game Play: 10/10
Amazing. Brilliance all the way through. I'd give it 11 if it made mathematical sense.

Replay Value: 10/10
Amazing! If I've already been playing it for 183 hours, I think I'll be play GS forever! I'd like to give this 11/10 but modern mathematics once again makes life harder.

Page written by Psythor.

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Gallade rulez on Thu 30 Jul 2009 02:45:29 UTC.
Yeah. The best Pokemon games ever... I cant wait for HG/SS...