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Gold and Silver have been vastly improved since Red, Blue and Yellow. Lets start with the most popular of places - the Poke Center.

The Poke Center now spans two floors, making it quicker to get to where you want to go. The bottom floor contains the healing desk and a PC. The top floor is for use with the Universal Game Link Cable. It's where you can trade and fight other trainer's Pokemon. But even THIS feature has been upgraded for GS.

There are now three linking options - trade, battle, or trade with the past (i.e. Red/Blue/Yellow versions). Note that you CAN'T battle with a Red/Blue/Yellow owner. You'll be able to trade and battle early on in the game, but you'll have two or three badges by the time you can trade with the past. This makes the game more challenging, because trading a :L100 Mewtwo to beat the game ruins the experience, plus it probably wouldn't obey you. You can trade any of the original 151 from GS to RBY, as long as they don't know any new GS moves. You have to send one back to the past to get your RBY monsters onto GS, even though many websites and magazines claim otherwise.

Give the Daycare man a pokemon, wait for a while, get your pokemon back a few levels higher. In RBY, this man was useful for raising horribly weak Pokémon like Magikarp or Abra, but their stats wouldn't be as good as they would have been if you'd hand-trained them. However, this place serves a better purpose in GS: Pokemon Breeding! Yes, that's right. Stick two pokemon in and you may get an egg! This means you can get more than one of rare Pokémon. And if you don't want to breed, you can train up two Pokémon at the same time. That's right - train an Abra AND a Magikarp in half the time!

Most Pokemon now has their own genders. Some are always male (e.g. Hitmonchan), some are always female (e.g. Jynx) and some don't have genders (e.g. Magneton). However, most Pokemon have male *and* female versions. This means you can breed them at the Daycare Center.

In GS, you have to tell the game the time and day. This means you get day and night and certain events only happen on certain days.

If you've played Yellow, you'll have a pretty good idea what this is all about. Make your pokemon like you and you'll sometimes be rewarded. Sometimes, you can get TMs depending on your Pokemon's happiness and some Pokemon evolve when they're very happy.

Another new way to evolve Pokemon! You can now give items to your Pokemon. Some Pokemon will evolve if you trade them while they're holding a certain item. For example, give Slowpoke a Kings Rock and trade it to evolve it into the new Pokemon Slowking. Give Onix a Metal Coat before trading to get a Steelix.

And of course there are 100 new Pokémon in GS. All in all, this game is great and beats RBY hands down.

Page written by Psythor.

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