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"What is the PokéRus?" You think to yourself. It's something so amazing you are going to wish you had it! In your Pokémon Gold, Silver or Crystal game pak is something so amazing you better hold onto your keyboard, or you'll fall off your chair.

OK, maybe it's not that amazing, but it is something very special.

If you battle lots of wild Pokémon with out capturing them or running away, your Pokémon may catch PokéRus! You'll know if you have it because next time you heal your Pokémon, Nurse Joy will tell you that there's something strange about your Pokémon, but they appear to be fine, then Prof Elm will ring you and tell you more. It makes your Pokémon gain stat experience twice as fast. Not only this, but if your Pokémon with it goes into a box, maybe next time you check, all the Pokémon in that box will have it, or maybe if it's in your party, the Pokémon sitting next to it may have it.

Unfortunately, all good things must have a downside, with the PokéRus as no exception:

PokéRus Gameshark Code
To make your first Pokemon have Pokerus: 019D46DA OR 010146DA
To make your second Pokemon have Pokerus: 010176DA
To make your third Pokemon have Pokerus: 0101A6DA
To make your fourth Pokemon have Pokerus: 0101D6DA
To make your fifth Pokemon have Pokerus: 010106DB
To make your sixth Pokemon have Pokerus: 010136DB

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hardrockcafe on Thu 07 Jun 2007 00:35:49 UTC.
It's pkmn hammer time hahahaha
Guest on Mon 09 Feb 2015 17:54:49 UTC.
I got pokerus legit on my totodile, but I've never caught a shiny :(
Guest on Tue 19 Apr 2016 03:58:44 UTC.
I gained pokerus while power grinding for lvl 50, and before that I found a shiny Skarmory... And you should've seen my face once I realized wtf happened.