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Go to Goldenrod City and go to the radio tower. Find the woman behind the counter, furthest to the right, and take her quiz. If you win you get a radio!

Later in the game, you are going to need a radio upgrade. To get this go to the Lavender Town Radio Tower (It's where the Pokémon Graves used to be), and talk to the man next to the stairs.

Station Name Frequency Description Region
Oaks Pokémon Talk 4.5 Listen to Oak talk about the locations of Pokémon while Mary gobs on about irrelevant rubbish. It was revealed by one of Oaks aides that this show is actually recorded! Johto
Pokémon Music 7.5 Presented by Ben, he either plays Pokémon Lullaby or Pokémon March.

Sunday: Pokémon March
Monday: Pokémon Lullaby
Tuesday : Pokémon March
Wednesday: Pokémon Lullaby
Thursday: Pokémon March
Friday: Pokémon Lullaby
Saturday: Pokémon March
Lucky Channel 8.5 Presented by Reed. Every Friday there is a new lucky number and if one of your Pokémon's ID number matches, you can win a prize!
First: Master Ball!
Second: ?
Third: PP Up
Places & People 16.5 Presented by DJ Lily. She talks about the different routes and places in Kanto. Kanto
Let's all sing 18.5 Presented by DJ Fern. Plays the alternate song to Ben's Pokémon Music. Kanto
PokéFlute 20 Continuous loop of the Pokéflute music. Used for waking sleeping Pokémon which block the road. Kanto
Unown 13.5 Unown cries to music. Ruins of Alph
Buena's Password ? Each day Buena has a different password. If you go to the radio tower and tell her, you'll get a point for your Blue Card that you can cash in for items. When you reach 30 points you can get Buena's phone number. CRYSTAL ONLY Johto between 6pm & Midnight

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