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When you beat some trainers, they will ask for your number, so they may call you from time to time. When they call you they will either be challenging you to a battle or say, "Hi [name] my [Pokémon] is getting really strong, hey! The other day I nearly caught a [Pokémon] it was sssoooooo close! Oh well, I better train harder, bye!". If you want to call them, go into your PokéGear, go to the phone and go down and press A on the person you want to talk to.

People with phones and their locations:

Name Location
Mom Start of the game.
Prof Elm When you've chosen your starting Pokémon.
Bill Goldenrod City
Blackbelt Kenji Route 45
Bird Keeper Vance Route 44
Bug Catcher Arnie Route 35
Bug Catcher Wade Route 31
Camper Todd Route 34
Cool Trainer Beth Route 26
Cool Trainer Gaven Route 26
Cool Trainer Reena Route 26
Fisher Chris (Tully in Crystal) Route 42
Fisher Ralph Route 32
Fisher Wilton Route 44
Hiker Anthony Route 32
Hiker Parry Route 45
Juggler Irwin/td> Route 35
Picnicker Erin Route 46
Picnicker Gina Route 34
Picnicker Liz Route 32
Picnicker Tiffany Route 43
Pokéfan Beverly National Park
Pokéfan Derek Route 38
Pokémaniac Brent Route 43
Sailor Huey Olivine Lighthouse
School Boy Alan Route 36
School Boy Chad Route 38
School Boy Jack National Park
Youngster Joey Route 30

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