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We all know how breeding works: Male + Female = Baby
Most of us know how adult Pokémon can pass some of their moves onto their offspring.

Passing on moves is fairly simple. But it, like everything else in the Pokémon World, gets complicated. What if you want to teach little Teddiursa the move Crunch? This is where the two techniques: "Chain Smeargle'ing" and "Chain Breeding" come in handy.

Chain Smeargle'ing

Smeargle only learns one attack naturally: Sketch. This move copies the last move the opoonent used permanently. To do this find a wild Smeargle (Ruins of Alph) and use the attack you want Smeargle to learn, but make sure you don't make him faint. This means that Smeargle should be able to produce ANY ATTACK to its offspring, providing that little baby is compatible with it.

One way of making sure that Smeargle won't faint is through further breeding techniques. Lets go back to making Teddiursa learn Crunch. Have a Pokémon such as Houndoom with Crunch. Breed to get a Houndour with Crunch. A :L5 Houndour ain't gonna kill a Smeargle so Smeargle will learn Crunch. Then catch him. Breed that Smeargle with a Ursaring and voila, we have a little baby Teddiursa that knows Crunch. Of course this is just an example. And a very poor one at that, seeing as Ursaring can breed directly with Houndoom.

Chain Breeding

Among the biggest questions in life, the biggest of the biggies has to be: How can Chansey get Heal Bell? Okay, so it's not that big a question, but it's a good example. Sunny Day (as you may or may not know) is the only Pokémon that can learn Heal Bell naturally (forget about Celebi as it can't breed). The first idea would be to breed a Miltank with a Chansey. They're both female however and no matter how much you try there are no gays in the Pokémon world. Here comes Smeargle again. Meet a male Smeargle and teach it Heal Bell with Miltank using the Sketch technique. Catch the Smeargle and breed him with a female Snubbull or Granbull. You need to produce one male Snubbull with Heal Bell, who in turn can breed with Chansey and FINALLY you can get a Chansey with Heal Bell. This is basically how Chain Breeding works. Sometimes it can go on even longer. You just need to xperiment a little. Actually I tell a lie: You need to experiment a LOT.

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