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By talking to a certain girl on the 5th floor of Goldenrod Department Store, you can unlock the Mystery Gift function. But we know all about that. By "Mystery Gifting" you can receive one 2 things: a normal item or a decoration. Unfortunatly, you can only use Mystery Gift on a Game Boy Color. It is possible to get the following items:

Normal Items

Berry Common
Bitter Berry Common
Burnt Berry Common
Dire Hit Common
Elixer Uncommon
Eon Mail Common
Ether Uncommon
Fire Stone Rare
Gold Berry Uncommon
Great Ball Uncommon
Guard Spec. Uncommon
HP Up Very Rare
Ice Berry Common
Leaf Stone Rare
Magnifier Rare
Max Elixer Rare
Max Ether Rare
Max Repel Uncommon
Max Revive Rare
Mint Berry Common
Miracleberry Uncommon
Morph Mail Common
Music Mail Common
PP Up Very Rare
Przcureberry Common
Psncureberry Common
Revive Uncommon
Super Repel Uncommon
Thunderstone Rare
Water Stone Rare
X Accuracy Common
X Attack Common
X Defend Commmon
X Special Common


Beedrill Doll Common
Big Lapras Doll Very Rare
Big Onix Doll Rare
Blue Carpet Rare
Bulbasaur Doll Uncommon
Clefairy Poster Common
Diglett Doll Common
Gengar Doll Common
Geodude Doll Common
Green Carpet Rare
Grimer DDoll Common
Jiggylypuff Doll Common
Jigglypuff Poster Common
Jumbo Plant Rare
Machop Doll Common
Magikarp Doll Common
Magna Plant Uncommon
NES Uncommon
Nintendo 64 Uncommon
Oddish Doll Common
Pikachu Poster Rare
Pink Bed Uncommon
Poliwag Doll Common
Polkadot Bed Uncommon
Red Carpet Rare
Shellder Doll Common
Squirtle Doll Uncommon
Staryu Doll Common
Super NES Common
Surfing Pikachu Doll Very Rare
Tropic Plant Uncommon
Virtual Boy Rare
Voltorb Doll Common
Yellow Carpet Rare

You can also use Mystery Gift with the Pocket Pikachu Color. By getting watts on your Pocket Pikachu you can "buy" items through Mystery Gift:

0-99 Mail
100-199 Berry
200-299 Bitter Berry
300-399 Great Ball
400-499 Max Repel
500-599 Ether
600-699 Miracleberry
700-799 Gold Berry
800-899 Elixer
900-998 Revive
999 Rare Candy

Thanks to Typhlosion for this!

Page written by Psythor.

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Lv.100 Marowak on Wed 09 Jul 2008 19:07:32 UTC.
Surfing Pikachu... Nice! Oh, and it says "Grimer DDoll" Spelling error.