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Ilex Forest
By Iceduck

The Ilex Forest "Maze"

This is quite a short section, and not without good reason. The next City you get to will be Goldenrod City which will probably be the longest walkthrough section of all. For this reason, I haven included both sections on the same page.

Ilex Forest is quite straightforward, as long as you know where to go. The first thing you need to do is catch the charcoal mans Farfetch'd. His apprentice doesn't have any badges, so Farfetch'd doesn't listen to him. Press B next to Farfetch'd to make it run away. Move behind it, and press B again. Go to its right, and press B. This should eventually send it running back to its owner! He'll give you HM01 (Cut), and if you visit his apprentice in Azalea Town, hell give you charcoal which makes fire attacks stronger. NOTE: If your mothers bought any Repel with your money (check your PC), its a good idea to use it before chasing Farfetch'd.

HM01 - Cut!

Teach Cut to a Pokémon (preferably one you don mind wasting a move - Cut isn't a brilliant move, but it can be useful if a Pokémon doesn't know any other normal attacks) and cut the tree in Ilex Forest down. Keep going, and eventually you'll reach the end.

If you see any suspicious-looking paths in the middle of areas of trees, there might very well be an invisible item there. You can also get the Headbutt TM if you follow the right-hand wall. Headbutt allows you to shake trees, and sometimes knock sleeping Pokémon out of them. You can find Pinecos here using it, but they tend to use Self Destruct, so try sending it to sleep. There's a shrine here which may confuse you, as well. It doesn't do anything on GS - on the Japanese edition of Crystal, you can use it to get Celebi.

Page written by Psythor.

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