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Goldenrod City
By Iceduck

Goldenrod City is the single largest city. Not only is it big, but there are dozens of things you can do. First things first, catch some new Pokémon.

I'll add a table eventually, but all you need to catch on Route 34 is Ditto (very rare, but very useful, Abra (use one of Kurts Fast Balls as soon as you see one) and two Drowzees (you'll see why later on).

The inside of the daycare center. Give male Pokémon to the man, and female Pokémon to his wife / partner / bit on the side.

The Daycare Center is on this Route. I suggest sticking Magikarp and Abra in. Take Magikarp out once its at :L19, and take Abra out at :L17. Train them one more level yourself to evolve them into Gyarados and Kadabra respectively. For more information, check the Breeding Guide.

Heal at the Poke Center if necessary, then continue north past the train tracks. You can use the train yet. Go right, and follow the buildings until you reach a secluded building at a dead end. Its a bike shop! The owners quite upset because nobody bothers coming to such an awkward building. He'll give you a bike so you can advertise! I suggest you go into your Pack, select the bike, and choose SEL. From now on, pressing select will get the bike out.

Next, go to the radio tower. Its close to the train station - you can miss it. Go inside, and take a quiz to earn a radio! Hint: spelling is important in this quiz, as is the following fact - Magikarp can do ANYTHING!

Click here for a guide to the radio.

With the radio, you can play Pokémon March (which make wild Pokémon attack) or Pokémon Lullaby (which may make Pokémon fall asleep) depending on the day. You can also tune into Prof Oaks Pokemon talk, where the professor tells you where you can catch certain Pokémon. Finally, you can listen to the Lucky Number Show. This is like a Pokemon lottery - a random number is chosen, and if it matches the ID number of one or more of your Pokemon, you win a Master Ball! Make sure you trade with as many different people as possible. The numbers are picked every Friday, and you have to go back to the radio tower to claim your prize.

Goldenrod City is also home to the happiness rater. This girl will tell you how happy your Pokemon is. If she says it really trusts you, it'll soon evolve (if it evolves by happiness, that is!). For more info, see the Happiness Guide.

Hooray for underground shopping and its haircut service!

Next door to the train station is an entrance to the underground shopping centre. Here, you can usually buy haircuts for your Pokemon (to make them happier), dirt-cheap herbal potions and revival items (but they lower your Pokémons happiness) and trainers. You can also get a Coin Case to use at Game Corner! Exit the centre at the opposite end to find Bills families house. They'll give you Bills phone number. Phone him at any time, and hell tell you how much space you have left on your PC box. Very useful!

Unlock Mystery Gift!

Ill add a table for the Poke Mart eventually, as well. I'll add a table for the Poke Mart eventually, as well. For now, fetch a Drowzee from your PC (the one with the worst stats) and head to the top floor. On the roof you'll find some cheap drinks - they work like potions, but they e cheaper and make your Pokemon happier. A wise investment. If its Sunday, you'll be able to get a TM on the next floor down. If you e playing on a GB Color, a girl will give you the Mystery Gift option, which allows you to get free items from other people who have it via the infra-red sensor on the top. You don trade items - you just get one each. You can trade once a day.

Now for the important bit. Save the game, and talk to the boy next to the counter. He'll want to trade his Machop for a Drowzee. This is the only way to have a hope of beating the next gym first time. The most experienced trainers will find it difficult. Trade, and then check Machops gender. If its female, no problem. If its male, turn the game off and trade again. Keep doing so until you get a female. You'll see why in a bit.

Fight for the plain badge!

Gym fight! This gyms shaped like a Clefairy, which should be a clue to what type the trainers here used. That's right - normal types! One-weakness wonders! And what is that weakness? Fighting types! And what type is Machop? You do the math.

Your Machop will be at either :L10 or :L12, depending on your Drowzees level. Either way, you don need to train it - the trainer fights will do that! You'll be fighting higher-level Pokemon most of the time, and you'll probably need to heal after each battle. By the time Machop reaches Whitney, she should be at :L17 at least. If not, you probably haven fought all the trainers. If you have, then don worry. Just bring some Lemonade, Soda etc.

Recommended team:

Why did Machop have to be female? Its because Miltanks Attract hurts the opposite gender. On top of this, Machops fighting moves will wipe Miltank out (I suggest you don use Seismic Toss, though - especially since Machop is probably at quite a low level at the moment). Zubat and Togepi are there for the happiness boost. Onix and Geodude have a resistance to normal attacks, but ghost moves don affect normals. Use something with good stats for your remaining Pokemon, such as your starter. Since your starter is usually male, you could use your new Gyarados or Kadabra.

Send Machop up first. Clefairy will probably boost her level up. This will make her stronger to take out Miltank. Use Lemonade, Soda etc., but if she faints, use your backup Pokemon. With the aid of Machop, you should have no trouble beating the gym.

Before leaving Goldenrod, get a Squirtbottle in a house near a gym. Now heal and do some training. Make sure you have at least one strong Pokemon that has a sleep move (Sing, Hypnosis, Sleep Powder etc.) and a weak physical attack (Pound, Tackle etc.). Drowzees one of the best, as he knows Pound and Hypnosis. Jigglypuff also knows Pound, but Sing isn't quite as accurate as Hypnosis. Now head north.

Page written by Psythor.

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Zell on Mon 27 Apr 2009 07:08:34 UTC.
Abra evolves at level 16 otherwise kadabra won't learn confusion