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Gold, Silver and Crystal Crystal: Battle Tower |

This tower will you remind you of Pokémon Stadium because of the style of battling.

The objective of this tower is to work your way through 10 floors battling the 7 trainers on each. The levels of the Pokémon each trainer has on a floor differs, the level grows by 10 every time you go up a floor. In other words, floor one has level 10 Pokémon, floor two has level 20 and so on.

You are only allowed 3 Pokémon with you and their levels must not exceed the level for that floor (e.g.: must not exceed level 10, must not exceed level 20). You must have no duplicate Pokémon and no duplicate items (e.g.: No 3 Mewtwo all with Leftovers).

The only thing I find vague about this game is whether, once you've beaten the tower, you can go back and battle the trainers again, for training purposes.

Page written by Psythor.

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