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This code is for use on Pokemon Crystal with the Gameshark. To get into the P.C.C (from the Japanese Crystal version), just do the Code: 910BAADC 9115ABDC. Go into Ilex forest and use dig. Turn the switch off as you begin to dig, then turn it back on again after you arrive. Do not save when you arrive as none of the doors work.

If however you don't listen and you saved then don't wet yourself as there's a way out of this. Use the Code: 0100FAC2 0100FBC2 0100FCC 0100FDC2. Now this code is pretty useful anyway as it allows you to walk through anything. But to escape, use the Code then go to the bottom-right of the room. Walk through the wall by going slightly down, and then left. Turn the Gameshark off when you arrive. There are three people there who you can talk to, and a door which leads to Goldenrod City.

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shadowaker on Mon 02 Jun 2008 22:59:27 UTC.
So...What's the point of it?
Dere on Sat 13 Jun 2020 11:24:57 UTC.
@shadowaker Curiosity? Duh