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This is the song that Team Rocket first sang in the episode The Song of Jigglypuff. It can also be heard (with slightly different lyrics) in the episode Same Old Song and Dance.

You know us as Team Rocket and we fight for what is wrong.
We're tired of our motto, so we thought we'd try a song.
The speed of light, prepare to fight.
Meowth, that's ri-ight!
I am the handsome one.
I'm the gorgeous on.
Looking good is lots of fun!
We get some things wrong
But we keep rolling along
We hope to capture Pikachu, We hope to do it soon
And when we do, we'll be the new
Stars of this...

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op do 06 mrt 2008 21:06:33 UTC.
Actually it's "We want to capture Pikachu" but thanks for uploading the lyrics to my fave song! :D *listens to it daily*
Radioactive Rainbow op za 29 mrt 2008 22:42:22 UTC.
Funny they want to be stars of the cartoon. lol
kawaii_neko11 op zo 09 nov 2008 01:51:32 UTC.
Lol. They understand that they are part of a cartoon series.
feraligator op do 06 aug 2009 09:41:19 UTC.
its not a cartoon
Crisps op ma 01 mrt 2010 21:11:51 UTC.
"Feraligator" is right. We all know Pokémon is a live-action documentary.
PipSentretLup op di 27 jul 2010 07:10:49 UTC.
LOL it's funny when they sing that in Go West, Young Meowth
Nero op ma 15 aug 2011 01:48:10 UTC.
Feraligater is right Pokemon is real now if i could only find them then lets see them mock me