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The Basics

Effort values, or Effort points as they're sometimes called, are one of the factors they determine if your Pokemon is going to be super strong, or just very 'bleh'.

Let's start small. Every time you beat a Pokemon, be it Wurmple or Mewtwo, they give out effort points for one stat, or two depending on the Pokemon. What do they do you may ask? And you did, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. Well, for example, let's say you get 4 special effort points on your Latios, it had a special attack of 100 to start with, but it has amazingly changed to 101. You see, Four effort points = one stat. you may think "ONE STAT? IS THAT ALL!?" It's small to start with, but eventually, you can increase it by a whooping 63. Once you have 255 Effort points for a stat, no more will be added for that stat. Not bad eh?

So. I'll just EV train all my stats?

Sorry, you can't do that. With Ruby and Sapphire, comes something new - the Effort cap. 510 is the limit. And 255 is the limit for one stat. So you'll have to choose, should you split the limit between two stats? Or share them out evenly. Example - with Zangoose would be suited to have its EV's spread out between attack and speed. You, the trainer have to decide what would be the best way to use the 510 Effort points. How do you know when your EV training is finished? Well next to the Energy Guru, is a very nice lady who will give you a ribbon if your Pokemon's EV training is finished.

Easier ways to EV train

Can't really be bothered to fight 255 Pokemon to EV train attack? Don't fear! There is an easier way! The annoying Winstrate family that you beat, or should have beaten - if you haven't I order you to go there now and kick them all way to Johto! Anyway, their prize, the Macho Brace when equipped to a Pokemon, will double the amount of Effort points you get! Example, Zangoose wouldn't give out 2, it would give out four points! Nice eh?

Another shortcut would be drugs, yes, drugs. When fed to the Pokemon, they give out 10 EV points in each does. Example:

1 Protein = 10 Effort Points
2 Protein = 20 Effort Points
10 Protein = 100 Effort Points

10 is the max you can give it. As for the other Vitamins, this is what they increase:

Iron - Defence
Carbos - Speed
Zinc - Special Defence
Calcium - Special Attack
HP Up - No Guess.

It's the same story with Protein; they give out 10 Points each take.

Another way, but very rare way, is the Pokerus, that rare bug thing that also doubles the EV take in.

Anyway, here is a table of all the Pokemon in RS, and what EV points they give out.


Combusken Mudkip Poochyena Goldeen
Sableye Mawile Machop Doduo
Carvanha Numel Camerupt Muk
Trapinch Vibrava Flygon Cacturne
Seviper Corpish Anorith Shuppet
Donphan Huntail Kingdra Bagon
Deoxys Marshstomp Mightyena Nuzleaf
Breloom Seaking Gyarados Machoke
Dodrio Sharpedo Zangoose Solrock
Crawdunt Armaldo Banette Absol
Pinsir Heracross Rayquaza Blaziken
Swampert Shiftry Machamp Salamence


Seedot Nincada Geodude Nosepass
Sableye Mawlie Aron Koffing
Sandshrew Duskull Dusclops Donphan
Rhyhorn Clampel Huntail Relicanth
Corsola Seadra Beldum Silcoon
Cascoon Pelipper Graveler Lairon
Marcargo Torkoal Weezing Sandslash
Skarmory Rhydon Shelgon Metang
Registeel Golem Aggron Metagross

Special Attack

Torchic Combusken Ralts Masquerain
Abra Oddish Magnemite Camerupt
Slugma Spinda Cacnea Cacturne
Roselia Seviper Chimecho Ninetales
Psyduck Natu Xatu Horsea
Seadra Kingdra Rayquaza Deoxys
Kirlia Kadabra Gloom Lunatone
Golduck Girafarig Gorebyss Beautifly
Gardevoir Alakazam Magneton Vileplume
Latios Kyogre

Special Defence

Lotad Masquerain Spoink Tentacool
Swablu Baltoy Lileep Kecleon
Duskull Chimecho Corsola Kingdra
Registeel Lombre Tentacruel Bellosom
Grumpig Altaria Claydol Cradily
Milotic Dusclops Ludicolo Dustox
Regice Latias


Treecko Zigzagoon Taillow Wingull
Surskit Magikarp Skitty Delcatty
Zubat Meditite Electrike Plusle
Minun Voltorb Volbeat Illumise
Vibrava Feebas Staryu Vulpix
Ninetales Pichu Xatu Luvdisc
Deoxys Grovyle Linoone Swellow
Vigoroth Ninjask Golbat Medicham
Manectric Electrode Flygon Starmie
Pikachu Sceptile Crobat Raichu

Hit Points

Wurmple Shroomish Slakoth Whismur
Makuhita Azurill Delcatty Gulpin
Wailmer Grimer Muk Barboach
Igglybuff Castform Wynaut Phanpy
Snorunt Spheal Relicanth Chinchou
Shedinja Loudred Hariyama Marill
Swalot Wailord Whiscash Jigglypuff
Tropius Wobbuffet Glalie Sealeo
Lanturn Slaking Exploud Azurill
Wigglytuff Walrein Jirachi

Here are some places you may want to train for EVs:

Attack - If you have Ruby, go to route 114 where Nuzleafs and Zangoose are common and give out 2 EV points each. While on Sapphire head down to MT. Pyre where you can face those cute Shuppets, who are the only things inside the buildings for 1 attack EV point each.

Defence - Both. Silcoon and Cascoons in Petalburg woods give out 2 defence points each, even though they're not that common. If your Pokemon can handle it, go down to one of the undersea routes and battle Clampels for 1 defense point each. Hey, it doesn't seem much but they're the most common things there.

Special Attack - Both - Spindas in route 113 give out 1 point each, and they're the most common things there. Roselia and Oddish also give out 1 point each, and they're found at Route 117.

Special Defense - Sapphire - Lotad, Lombre and Swablu give out 1 special defense each, and they're commonly found on Route 114. Both - if you can't be bothered with that, head down to the sunken ship found at Route 108 (Bring something with Sweet Sent) and fight the Tentacools who give out 1 point, and the rare Tentacruels they give out two points.

Speed - Both - Route 102 house Zigazoons, Wingulls and Taillows Give out 1 speed points each.

HP - Both - Surf on the ponds and you'll find Marill who gives out 2 HP points each. Nice.

Well, that's it from me - oh and one other point. If your Pokemon are to weak to take on something, Send it out first, then recall it and use a stronger Pokemon. It gets the EV points as well.

Happy Training! Misdreavus > j00.

[To view the FR/LG EV Training Spots, click here.]

A huge thanks to Rex for this!

Page written by Ledyba.

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