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To access the 9th Mystery Island, you’ll need the Aurora Ticket. This is rather like the Eon Ticket- a key item that isn’t available in the game normally. How sensible.

The island itself is the smallest of them all. It is home to a triangular rock that turns red. You don’t see that everyday do you? This rock is a puzzle, and when completed a wild Level 30 Deoxys appears! Seriously!

To solve the puzzle, you have to keep pressing “A” on the rock in the right place, making it go redder and redder. Get it wrong, and you have to start again. This is the solution of where to press “A” on the rock:

Bottom, Right, Bottom, Top, Right, Left, Top, Right, Left, Top, Bottom

And voila- and Level 30 Deoxys appears. Catch it, and then you can go and show it off to those who actually care.

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MGlBlaze on Sat 05 May 2007 08:01:31 UTC.
Note to anyone who gets there; you cant just walk around how you like for the puzzle. There's a step counter; take too many and the rock resets. Take the shortest distance possible.
Charey06 on Sun 27 May 2007 11:42:04 UTC.
the shortest distance would be go to the nearest corner.
Lewachu on Mon 04 Jun 2007 08:09:51 UTC.
d girl does not look like that on firered or leafgreen or does she i haven played it for years since i got diemond
Shateon on Sun 24 Jun 2007 18:37:15 UTC.
She does look like that... v.v;;