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Woo, another Island. And this one’s big. Very big. The actual village is tiny. Very tiny. You have a choice- surf North or Surf South. We’ll go South, thankyou very much. You’ll pass a cuttable tree- leads to an item. Keep going down.

Ooh, grassy area. Wonder what Pokemon we’ll meet. What’s that? A Sentret! Sentret, Sentret, Sentret, Sentret, Sentret! Hey! Sentret, off my keyboard right now! Haven’t you got questions to answer? Stop hugging me!

Where was I? Oh yes, Wild Sentret. You can even have a few wild Hoppip as well. On the house, or something like that. I’ll continue. Further South, there’s some Rockets, and a great big building with “R” on the door. Hmm, “R.” What could that stand for? Puzzles. You can't actually get into this building (Rocket HQ) until you've been to Island 6. Look below if you can't wait that long.

Then if you surf Eastwards, there’s a small route with trainers on it. There’s one trainer who uses a Hoothoot and a Noctowl. Cool…-ish. Get to the bottom of this route, and you can surf Westwards. There’s some big stone monument, which seems to have some sort of importance. God knows what, but there’s an item nearby so we’ll nab that whilst we’re here.

Go back. Back, back, back… back to where you once belonged. Not quite there, but the village will suffice. Now, go the far West of it, and surf upwards. Up, up, up. Then East when you get to the Top. You’ll pass a few trainers. They use Smeargle. Level 50. You know the sort. Anyway, keep surfing East. There’s an…. Empty house. Fancy not being in when you were passing by. How rude. They’ll regret this. Surf South-Easterly (what a great word). Eventually you should arrive at… *thunder and lightning effects* the cave.

This cave is evil. I kid you not. In every room you have the choice- up, down, left or right? It’s essentially a big maze. And somewhere is the girl from the empty house, as mentioned a moment ago. There are a few items in there; I’ve come across 2. God knows what they are, god knows if there are any more. It will drive you crazy. You know why? Because if you go through one room into another, and then back through the door you came in by, the room you arrive in will be different to the one you were originally in. Confused? Good. When you do find her, she’ll automatically battle you. She has 2 Level 49 Persian’s. Nothing you can’t handle. To find her, go Down, Right, Up, Down, Down, Right, Right. As soon as you’ve beaten her, she’ll return to her house. She then takes on the role of Bill’s Grandpa, from G/S/C. Show her the Pokemon she wants, and she’ll present you with a random item. How kind.

In other news, don’t forget to visit the North-West of the island. Some old geezer gives you an egg. It’s a Pokemon Egg, funnily enough. Give it enough time, and you’ll end up with a bouncing, baby Togepi. Yayness ^_^.

After you've been to Island 6, you can enter this building, in a bid to retrieve the Sapphire Plate. The inside of the building is rather like the Game Corner Basement- full of slidy things. Must be a Rocket Trademark, or something. Work your way up to the top-right of the building, and you can battle the Scientist from Island 6 who stole the Sapphire Plate. His team consists of:

When you win the battle, you'll be given the Sapphire Plate for your troubles. take it back to the Pokemon Center on Island 1, and the Machine will finally be fixed! Now you can battle the Elite Four again (with their all-new teams) and visit the Secret Dungeon near Cerulean City- home to the Legendary Mewtwo. Or you could visit Island 7. Take your pick.

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