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Located at the North of Island 7 is the Trainer Tower � the FR/LG equivalent of the Battle Tower. The rules are slightly different here:

The Trainer Tower is one of the factors in FR/LG that can be affected by e-cards. E-cards can affect the layout of the Tower, and the trainers you'll fight in the tower. The below list of trainers is the default list you'll face - in other words, the trainers you'll face if you haven't got any e-cards to use.

Ground Floor

Here there's a Pokemon Centre to heal whenever you wish, and a PokeMart to buy items at. There's also the sign that displays your current best time. It's here you register to start your Trainer Tower Challenge.

First Floor

The first floor contains just one trainer:

TrainerPokemon #1Pokemon #2

Defeat him to move onto the Second Floor.

Second Floor

Here you'll face one 2-on-2 battle:

TrainerPokemon #1Pokemon #2

Defeat your opponents to move onto the Third Floor.

Third Floor

The Third Floor contains 3 trainers. Each has one Pokemon, and you don't even get an opportunity to heal in between them. Eek!

TrainerPokemon #1Pokemon #2

TrainerPokemon #1Pokemon #2

TrainerPokemon #1Pokemon #2

Defeat all 3 to move onto the Fourth Floor.

Fourth Floor

The Fourth and last battle floor contains only one trainer. He only has two Pokemon, so he shouldn't trouble you:

TrainerPokemon #1Pokemon #2

Defeat him, to move onto the Fifth Floor! (even though there's no battles on it)

Fifth Floor

A man greets you at the top of the tower. He congratulates you for completing the Trainer Tower, and as a reward gives you a little treat. It's the old Upgrade, which simply lets you evolve your Porygon. Pretty useless unless you've driven yourself bankrupt buying one from the Game Corner.

More Pictures!

Click here to see a map of the Ground Floor!

Click here to see a map of the First Floor!

Click here to see a map of the Second Floor!

Click here to see a map of the Third Floor!

Click here to see a map of the Fourth Floor!

Click here to see a map of the Fifth Floor!

[On each map, don't forget to expand if prompted!]

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