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Excitingly, we now know the names of the new islands in FRLG. Here they are, along with (rather excitingly) pictures of the little bloke reading the signs.

Island 1: Knot Island Island 2: Boon Island
Island 3: Kin Island Island 4: Floe Island
Island 5: Chrono Island Island 6: Fortune Island
Island 7: Quest Island Island 8: Navel Rock
Island 9: Birth Island

We also now know the names of every cave, mountain and important landmark in the islands. Please, no flash photography.

Island 1: Kindle Road Island 1: Mt. Ember
Island 1: Treasure Beach Island 2: Cape Brink
Island 3: Berry Forest Island 3: Bond Bridge
Island 3: Three Isle Port Island 4: Icefall Cave
Island 5: Five Isle Meadow Island 5: Lost Cave
Island 5: Memorial Pillar Island 5: Resort Gorgeous
Island 5: Water Labyrinth Island 6: Altering Cave (Transformation Cave)
Island 6: Dotted Hole Island 6: Green Path
Island 6: Outcast Island Island 6: Pattern Bush
Island 6: Ruin Valley Island 6: Water Path
Island 7: Canyon Entrance Island 7: Sevault Canyon
Island 7: Tanoby Chambers Island 7: Tanoby Ruins
Island 7: Trainer Tower

Thanks to Mike, captfalcon and Prof Clo!

Page written by Psythor.

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