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FR/LG EV Training Spots

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Recommended Pokemon
Recommended Location
Three Island Port
Gives out 1 EV each. Nothing else there to battle anyway.
Icefall Cave, Four Island
1 EV each. Pretty common.
Metapod / Kakuna
Viridian Forest
Pretty common and 2 EV's each. Nice.
Special Attack
Gastly / Haunter
Pokemon Tower
Gastly'll give you 1, but Haunter'll give you 2.
Special Defense
Venonat / Drowzee
Berry Forest, Three Island
Both commoners. Both give 1 EV.
Rattata / Pidgey
Route 1
Think of the pleasures of having such speedy Pokemon right at the beginning of your journey... or not. 1 EV each.

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Richard and Blaziken on Wed 12 Sep 2007 15:00:04 UTC.
There should definately be more than this, I hope nobody reading this wants an attacking pokemon or a pokemon with high HP before beating the pokemon league...
on Mon 17 Sep 2007 11:27:32 UTC.
The assumtioin of this guide is that anyone wanting to do serious EV training will do it after they've done the leauge. Not only is it easier access (Money plus areas) its far, far, far, far less tedious than defeting 128 Geodudes in Mt Moon.
Guest on Thu 04 Sep 2014 12:13:54 UTC.
the little pool on the right of the pokemon center on four island is a better place for HP. there might be psyducks there, but the marills give +2 so that makes up for them, and the woopers. and they spawn much more then dunsparce.