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Trainer tower (island 7) in the US versions of the game is very different to the trainer tower in the Japanese versions of the game. For one there are 8 floors, not 6, but the main difference is the fact that you can select witch battle mode you want to play, these include: "Single" (8 trainers, one on each floor with 2 Pokemon each), "double" (16 trainers, two on each floor, a basic double battle) "knockout" (when you have to battle 3 trainers in a row each with one Pokemon each) and "mixed" (a mixture of the above).

When you get to the top of the tower in single mode you will find the owner, talk to him and after a bit of dialogue he will give you an Up-Grade to give to your Porygon that you paid a fortune for in the game corner, cool! Then you go in the lift and go back to the ground floor where you can check how long you took on the notice board to the right of the healing station bit.

When you get to the top of the tower in double mode you will find the owner again (He likes it all the way up there?), talk to him and he'll give you a Dragon scale to give to your Seadra, cool! Then if you want you can go down the lift and see how long it took you to do that on the board.

When you complete the knockout battle mode you will find the owner (yet again!), talk to him for the third time and he'll give you a lovely metal coat to give to your Onix (how kind). Then go and have a look at the board and then you'll find out that that took you the longest time so far!

When you somehow manage to complete the mixed battle mode, then, once again the owner supplying you with items to make Pokemon evolve once traded will be there. Talk to him and you'll get a lovely kings rock to put on your Slowpoke's head and then if you trade him when he's holding that you have a Slowking! Then if you want you can see how long that took you.

My rating of times is:

This is just my little personal rating system.

So, that concludes the Trainer Tower. A lot of hard work and you get rewarded with four items to make your Pokemon evolve one traded. Please note: YOU CAN ONLY GET ONE OF EACH ITEM. Also, unlike in Ruby/Sapphire the Pokemon you see in this Trainer Tower ARE added to your Pokedex (It just says you've seen them).

So people, go out there and wipe that smile off the owners face!

Thanks to pkmn man for this!

Page written by Psythor.

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