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FireRed, LeafGreen Walkthrough: Part 1 | Pallet Town, Route 1

Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green. The gorgeous remakes games that started it all, made even better than that would suggest. And here's the fully updated, ever great PKMN.NET walkthrough for it (for a large part ripped off from the RBY walkthrough). Anyway, as the game starts, you see a Pokemon battle. After that you automatically get some semi-interesting introduction after which Professor Oak appears, giving a speech about the world of Pokemon. After choosing your gender and naming yourself and your rival, you appear in

Pallet Town

Or rather, your bedroom in the afore mentioned town, where Shades of journey await! If you're bored, you can play the SNES, but that's not going to help you become a Pokemon Master. Take the potion out of your computer, and go downstairs. Again, you can waste time watching TV, but when you talk to your mother, you learn of a more important quest - you should speak to Prof Oak! Wave goodbye to your mom, and go out. After checking his lab, you'll notice Prof Oak is not there, and when you look further, he's nowhere to be found! However, when you decide to go on your own Pokemon journey, entering Route 1, he suddenly walks to you, stopping you. After a short speech, he now takes you back to his lab. Now, you get to choose your Pokemon...

BulbasaurBulbasaur is a good Pokemon to start with, effective against the first two gyms. However, later in the game, his usefullness decreases, and because of its Poison-type, it's less useful in serious battles.
CharmanderCharmander is hard to use in the beginning of the game, being ineffective against the first two gym leaders. Its power increases as it level-ups, and for serious battling it's probably the best starter of the three.
SquirtleSquirtle is what is best referred to as a solid Pokemon. It's in between Bulbasaur and Charmander in the beginning of the game, and grows out to be a pretty good Water Pokemon in the game. Unfortunately, there are a lot of pretty good Water Pokemon in the game.

After this, your rival picks the Pokemon whose type is strong against that of your Pokemon.When you try to walk away, your rival challenges you.

Base Money: 35

Your first battle! Prof Oak tries to walk you through htis, but who needs the old guy? Just keep using your damaging move, and use your potion if needed. If you win (and who wouldn't?) you'll level up, and get some money.

Your Pokemon is automatically healed after this battle. If you need healing in the future, you can get some by your mom. But for now, go north to

Route 1

Route 1 PokemonFire RedLeaf Green

Simple route. Zigzag around the ledges to get to Viridian City in the north. Don't raise your levels too much yet if you want to catch Pokemon around here, but don't avoid them at all costs either. If you're badly hurt, go back to your mom. Don't forget to pick up your free potion!

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