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Guide #1

Lost in the Lost Cave of Five Island?

Well look no further. Step by step guide how to conquer it like it was nothing. Be warned that if you go for an item that you will end up at the beginning if you leave the room.

1. Take the cave to the right.
2. Go up / down for the item.
3. Back the door you came from.
4. Go down / back up for item.
5. Take the right cave.
6. Back the same cave you come through / the right for item.
7. Go down.
8. Take another right / left for the item.
9. Go up and you are now at the end of the cave. you automatically battle Selphy the owner of the house near the cave. but if you beat her you end up at her house so you need to back to the end of the cave to get the last item.

That's it you have now beaten the cave at it's own game.

Thanks to The Nemesis for this!

Guide #2

  1. From the start, take the right hand cave
  2. In the second cave, take the bottom cave to get to a Lax Incense. BE WARNED – IF YOU GET THE ITEM START FROM STEP 1.
  3. Go back up out of this cave with the item, and back to the cave mentioned in step 2, and go up again.
  4. Once in this cave, go back down and you will appear in a new cave
  5. Go up to reach a cave with a Sea Incense. BE WARNED – IF YOU GET THE ITEM START FROM STEP 1.
  6. Come out of this cave, and head downwards again
  7. Take the right hand cave and do this again to get to a Max Revive. BE WARNED – IF YOU GET THE ITEM START FROM STEP 1
  8. Go left, and then left again
  9. Head through the downwards cave
  10. Go through the left hand cave for a Rare Candy. BE WARNED – IF YOU GET THE ITEM START FROM STEP 1.
  11. Go back to the right, and then go right again
  12. Head upwards and you will meet Selphy. If you wish to get a silk scarf, after you have battled her and gone back to her house, start from step 1.

Thanks to MagmaMan for this!

Page written by Psythor.

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Dyexzos the Deoxys on Sun 30 Mar 2008 15:19:02 UTC.
Wow.. that helps. I hate the lost caves I could never understand it.
WolfieMeeko88 on Wed 25 Feb 2009 23:39:36 UTC.
lost cave??? never heard of it. thank you!=D ;D