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Look at that. That is Pokémon for Game Boy Advance! Doesn't it look lovely? I know you're looking at it now, possibly a bit disappointed that it doesn't look that good. It'll grow on you. Trust me, I found this last night (at time of writing) and didn't like 'em, now I think it looks great! On the bright side of things, these somewhat lower niceness graphics could mean they can fit a lot more data on a cartridge... such as the 386 Pokémon, a massive world and lovely battle scenes. Let's hope.

Interesting things to note in the top picture:

Look! A lovely beach scene. This reminds me of the top of Cianwood City because of the rocksmash boulders and the chunk of mountain. This screens a little bit boring I suppose but look at those little footprints! The water is of a different type also.

Interesting things to notice:

This shot isn't really as thrilling.

This is familiar territory. This to me, looks like a cross between the Pokémon Gold and Silver we all love, and the Zelda Oracle games, also for Game Boy Color.

Things to notice:

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