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On the 13th July 2002 it was revealed that Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire (Advance) would feature 2 vs 2 Pokémon battling. We now have the first screenshots of this in action:

UPDATED! 25/07/02:

Two vs Two battles occur when there are two trainers. For example, instead of the twins from GSC having one Pokémon, they'd have one each, and you'd have to fight two.

In Two vs Two battles everyone picks the attack they'd like to use before any Pokémon attacks. After selection, each of the four Pokémon uses a move in succession.

Updated 05/08/02

When picking your attack, you first pick the Pokémon of yours that will attack (don't worry, you can choose an attack for both) using a cursor above your Pokémon. When you've selected this move a cursor will appear above your opponents two Pokémon- you have to select which one the attack will go for. This proccess is repeated for your other Pokémon, and your opponents two Pokémon.

This really does add a whole new dimension to Pokémon battling- Pokémon could go for turns without being hit whilst their team mate takes all the punishment.

Perhaps the only bad thing is, it has virtually cut off potential for new attacks that attack both, protect both or something. Saying this, this has left lots of room for millions of new combo's- you will be able to combine moves that were never possible before. Pokémon Tech people- you can go mad with joy now.

Updated 31/08/02

You will have a seperate list of Pokémon (on the "start menu") for two vs two Pokémon. It will contain the same six Pokémon as the other list, but you will select two Pokémon to come out first for these two vs two battles.

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Shining Izzy on Wed 15 Aug 2007 00:40:13 UTC.
does anyone else here LOVE 2 on 2 battleing? i find it much more fun than 1 on 1... and now i feel lame for saying more than the others. how very sad. o well. who cares? :D i don't!!
go8it on Thu 30 Aug 2007 19:25:43 UTC.
i hav a shiny pkmn
on Wed 13 Feb 2008 15:34:56 UTC.
Hah. Hoe irrelevant. I also prefer 2 on 2 matches.
Tahmid ishraque on Sat 28 Dec 2013 18:35:21 UTC.
Yap, I also like it