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Yet another new feature in the game is the upgradable Trainer Card. Next to your name, it is possible to earn stars, with a maximum of 5 available. Each star is obtained through fulfilling certain criteria - Pokemon, Battles, Battle Tower, Contests, and completing the Pokemon League Challenge.

Pokemon League Star

This will most likely be the first Trainer Star you earn. To get the star all you need to do is defeat the Elite Four and Daigo, the champion. The elite four in these versions is more difficult than in previous games, and the types used are:

And the champion uses a mixed team of mainly Rock, Ground, and Steel. When you win, you will get the first star.



Pokemon Star


This is one of the most difficult stars to recieve. To gain the Pokemon Star, you must catch 200 pokemon. This means all the obtainable pokemon in the Ruby/Sapphire games, except for Jiraachi and Deokishisu, who are only available through Nintendo. To get this you will need to trade with friends, and catch all extra legends.



Battle Tower Star


Once you've defeated the Pokemon League, you will be given a boat ticket by Senri, your father. If you go to a boat dock, in Kaina City or Minamo City, and choose the second option, you will be taken to the Battle Tower. Here you can choose to battle against Lv.50 or Lv.100 pokemon, using three of your pokemon (they must be at or below the level you choose to battle). If you manage to win 50 battles without quitting and leaving the tower, you will get this Star for your card.

To see how many consecutive battles you have managed so far, press 'a' when you view your card. On the back are two numbers - the total number of Battle Tower battles, and the highest number of consecutive battles.


Contest Star


In Minamo City, there is a museum, and upstairs is a room with five empty frames on the walls. To get the star, you need to fill these frames, by getting portraits painted of your pokemon, which you get from an artist when a pokemon wins the Master Rank Ribbon in contests.

In each contest, you must win with the same pokemon in Shidake Town, Hajitsuge Town, Kaina City, then Minamo City. The final contest in Minamo will not always award you with a Master Rank - to get this you must have impressed the crowd pretty well, and gotten at least 6 hearts on the final scoreboard. Once you do get it, the artist will walk up to you and offer to paint a portrait. You'll need to get one Master Rank in all five contest categories (coolness, cuteness, beauty, intelligence, strength). When you have five paintings, you'll get another star.



'The 70th Trainer'


In the PokeNavi is a section called the TrainerEye. Here it has the number of trainers you've fought in the game, and a second number, along with a list of trainers. There are 70 different trainers that will appear on this list, each one a different type (eg Hiker, Bug Catcher), including each gym leader, elite four member, and Matsuru. 69 of these trainers can be fought somewhere in Houen, but the 70th has not been found, even in Japan. It is believed that the 70th trainer is behind the locked door in a house in Tokusane City, but the way to open the door is unknown. When the 70 trainers are all finally found, you'll get the fifth, and final star.


It is still unknown exactly what earning the 5 Trainer Stars, and thus getting the Platinum Trainer Card, actually does.

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