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Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald Initial Reports: Part 2 |
Now we'll take a look at some shots from the start of the actual you may have guessed, it has a pretty similar beginning structure to the rest of the games...
Here's Professor Odamaki filling in for Professor Oak and Professor Elm...the Pokémon he has pop out is an Azurill. Due to my lack of intelligence I'm not fluent in Japanese, however its fairly obvious from comparison to earlier games to figure out what's going on.
You've now got the option to be male or female...and whichever one you don't choose becomes your rival in the game. Taking this all in? Good, then we'll move on...
Here we have the naming screen...due to the multitude of english letters now appearing in Japanese you can select the english alphabet as is seen here, however by selecting the top of the three options ("Select") you can scroll through Hiragana and Katakana characters also.
Life starts inside a truck (left) of which after a short bumby journey can be left to venture into the outside world (underneat). Once again we start in a small town, with your house, your rivals house and the Professor's lab...sound familiar? If it doesn't, you really are on completely the wrong site.
Looking around your house you can see your Mum and a couple of Machamp's...the fact that they are carrying boxes and the truck outside leads me to the conclusion that you have just moved in.Upstairs in your room are a few interesting items...namely the GameCube on the floor and the fact that you can lie in your bed by walking into it from either side. The computer has an item in it which can be retrieved by clicking randomly until your backpack appears. (More on your backpack and other menu items in the third part of the report.)
As with fantastic Japanese interior design, your rival's house is the complete opposite of yours. That's right - just the same house with the same contents, but mirrored. Still, at least its not a small capsule two metres squared in size.
The new Professor's brand-spanking new lab - now to get the Pokémon from within it. I wonder if you can take a Team Rocket attitude and steal them all? Ha ha ha! Ha....

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orange1106307 on Thu 13 Aug 2009 01:54:36 UTC.
you're going too fast!!!!!!! *headsplode*