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Mauville City/Route 117/Verdanturf Town/Fallarbor Town

Nearly as soon as you enter, you'll see a collection of bicycles. Talk to the man inside, and you'll be given one.

The Gym here, can be extremely difficult, depending on which starter Pokémon you chose. The Leader, Wattson, uses electric Pokémon, a Magnemite, a Voltorb, and a Magneton, and the attacks can be devastating. Once he's defeated, you will receive the Dynamo Badge.

Talking around town should get you HM06, which in R/S is Rock Smash. Teach it to a Pokémon of your choice, and head west along Route 117, fighting trainers along the way if you wish. Eventually you'll get to Verdanturf Town. This is extremely small, with little more than a Pokémon Center and Pokémart. There is a cave in the north west though, which you need to go to. Inside, you'll find a man and woman separated by two rocks. Smash one, and they'll be reunited and leave, thanking you with HM04, Strength. Leave through the way you came in, and head back to Mauville. From Mauville, go north onto Route 111.

Route 111/Route 113/Route 114

Soon you'll see a man standing outside his house. Talk to him, and you'll be faced with a battle against all 4 members of his household, with no opportunity to heal your Pokémon in between. Talk to them after you have won though, and you'll be rewarded. Now, continue north, and you'll see your path is blocked by two rocks. Smash one, and continue on your way.

Eventually you'll come to a cave, and to the right of it, the path to the Ski Lift, blocked by two members of Team M/A. Go into the cave, ignoring the boulder on the left which you can't move until later. When you exit, there are a lot of trainers to face along the path. To the east is a house, in which an old lady will heal your Pokémon.

When you're ready, head west onto Route 113. Follow this, and you'll soon be at the base of the mountain, with ash (or snow) falling down. Watch out for ninjas in the grass! They may look like Pokéballs, but they'll jump out of the bushes and battle you!

Soon, you'll reach another small town, Fallarbor. Again, there's very little to do here, except heal, and buy more Pokéballs. When you're done, head west again, and enter the house you see. Inside you'll be given TM28, and can access another small cave. There is nothing in here, except a man. Talk to him, and leave.

Continue westwards along Route 114, until you reach some stairs leading up the mountain. Work your way along here, and you'll enter another cave. When inside, cross the bridge, and you'll witness a little dispute between Team Magma and Aqua. They'll talk to you, but won't battle you just yet. When they're gone, head back to Mauville City.

Mt Chimney

Head north from Mauville City again, to where Team M/A were blocking the path to the Ski Lift. They're gone now, so take a ride to the very top of the volcano. When you reach the top, you'll find that the two Teams are battling each other! The path to the south is blocked by one of the battles, so head north.

To the west you'll find a couple of members of Team M/A that aren't involved in the fighting, but they're more than happy to battle you! Once you've beaten them, you'll see the leader of Team M/A working on some equipment. Battle him and win, and the Teams will leave the area. Before going anywhere else, press A next to the machine. Now, go south, to where the path was previously blocked. It's clear now, so follow it down. If you're low on health from the Team M/A battles, watch out for a couple of trainers here, who can be avoided. Shortly you'll reach Lavaridge Town, and the next Gym!

Lavaridge Town

This town is home to a very interesting Gym. The Leader, Flannery(!), uses fire Pokémon, and to get to her, you'll have to navigate a maze not unlike that in Sabrina's Gym. Although this time, if you choose wrongly, you'll either have to start over, or will be faced with a trainer battle. Once she's been defeated, you'll be awarded the Hit Badge. Now, remember how you couldn't battle in the first Gym until you have 4 badges? You now have four, and the Gym Leader will accept your challenge. It's time for a long trek through caves to Petalbrg City!

Petalbrg City

To get to the Leader of the this Gym, who happens to be your father, you'll have to go through a series of doors, fighting trainers to unlock each set. It doesn't matter which way you go, choose the left and you'll fight male trainers, choose the right and you'll fight female trainers. After 3 battles, you're at the Leader, Norman, who uses Slakoth. After all three of his Pokémon have been knocked out, you'll get the Balance Badge. Talk to the man in the house to the left of the Gym, and he'll give you HM03, Surf, which, thanks to the Balance Badge, you can now use!

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