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Pokémon Contests are held across the Hoenn Region. There are five different competition categories: Cool, Beauty, Cute, Smart and Tough. Firstly, your Pokémon must take part in the Normal Rank. If they win that contest, then they will receive a Ribbon. When a Pokémon has won at a Normal Contest, they will be able to attempt the next rank up. For example, if your Pokémon won a Ribbon for being Cool in the Normal Rank then he or she would be able to compete in the Cool Contest of the next ranking. The fifth and final ranking is the Master Rank. I am unsure at this time what you get for winning a Master Rank contest, but as soon as I find out I will let you know.

The Contests

The Contests consist of 2 stages of judging. In the first stage, all 4 competitors get introduced, and the audience have to vote on their favourite. There is nothing you can do to affect this vote, except by feeding your Pokémon Pokéblocks (see below).

The second stage is the appeal time. Your Pokémon has a pick a move to appeal with. By looking at the Pokemon's status page before- hand, you can see what each move will do in an appeal. Some moves can un-nerve other Pokémon, and cause them to lose concentration, but be warned, as other Pokémon can un- nerve you as well! Like in battle, you can use strategies to help you win. For example, the audience will like the move Flamethrower better, if you have used Sunny Day previously. The idea in the second stage is to impress the judges, but if the audience like you, you are likely to earn more marks. Likewise, by losing concentration and getting un-nerved you are likely to lose marks. You will become unpopular if you repeat an appeal twice in a row. You get to appeal with a move 5 times in each contest. Then at the end the votes are added to the marks, and the Pokémon with the most marks wins.


Pokéblocks are basically Pokémon Sweets, that can improve the Pokemon's status in 1 or more ways. Pokéblocks are made by blending several berries together in a Berry Blender (see below). You need a Pokéblocks Case to feed Pokéblocks to your Pokémon. You can receive a Pokéblocks Case by talking to someone in the first Contest Hall you arrive at (see our R/S Walkthrough!). Be warned however, that after about 10 Pokéblocks, a Pokémon will refuse to eat anymore Pokéblocks, so try to concentrate on a certain category.

How to make Pokéblocks

In each Pokémon Contest Hall there are 2 Berry Blenders. The top one allows you link up and make Pokéblocks with your friends. The bottom one allows you to make them with the game. Everybody making a Pokéblocks has to put a Berry into the Blender. The Berry you put in effects the Pokéblocks that comes out, so try to experiment a bit.

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This is the screen from the Berry Blender. You are the red name at the top right- hand corner. When the pointer starts to spin, you have to press A with exact timing as it passes your marker to speed it up. The faster the maximum speed is, the better the Pokéblocks becomes. The higher the level of the Pokéblocks, then the more influence it will have on your Pokemon's condition. Each Pokémon has their favourite Pokéblocks, so try feeding various colours of Pokéblocks to your Pokémon, to try and find their favourite.

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you know mirage island the almost impossible one to get to hold a rare berry witch makes a gold pokeblock so chances are ill never get one