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The Pokémon league in Ruby and Sapphire still follows the same old format: 4 trainers, each a master in their own respective type, and a champion, who has a high levelled well balanced team. Your team should be balanced and be between levels 45-55.

The first of the Elite 4 is Sidney and he is the master of the dark type. The first Pokémon he sends out is a Mightyena (level 46). This is a pure dark type so bug and fighting types work well against it even though its intimidate characteristic. Blaziken works well here.

Next out is Shiftry (level 48), a Grass/Dark Pokémon. Here the best attack type would be a bug type like megahorn or any strong fire attack. Fighting types are still recommended. Again Blaziken works well here. Third out is Absol (level 49), another pure dark Pokémon with a very good attack and speed stats, but if you keep your fighting type out and use brick break or any other fighting move, you should be able to make this Pokémon faint with no trouble. For the next Pokémon, the water/dark type Sharpedo (level 48), an electric Pokémon is advised. This Pokémon has a very good attack also but a strong electric attack should knock this meany for four. Beware of its rough skin characteristic, it will deal a little damage to your attacking Pokémon. Lastly, another Grass/Dark type, Cacturne (level 46), will be used. For this Pokémon, bring back your faithful fire type and pummel it with flames.

Next up on the Elite 4 hit list is Phoebe, the Ghost master. Ghosts are difficult to defeat with their draining effects and status inflictions but with a well rounded team, you should over come them with no problem. First out is Dusclops (level 48) , a pure Ghost type. Dark or Psychic Pokémon work very well here. Crunch is a good attack to use. Next out is Sableye (level 50), a Dark/Ghost type. This Pokémon has no known weaknesses. Luckily its stats aren't that great so the best thing to do is attack it with all you've got. After that, another pure Ghost type, Banette (level 49). This Pokémon has the characteristic of "Insomnia" meaning it cannot be put to sleep. This shouldn't cause a problem if you carry on with the same technique as Dusclops. Again Crunch is "super effective!". Fourthly out, is another Dusclops (level 51). Go about the same way as you did for the first one and you should have no trouble. The last Pokémon chosen by Phoebe is another Banette (level 49). She just doesn't get it! Carry on Crunching and you will be fine.

The penultimate of the Elite 4 is Glacia. As you may tell by her name, she is the master of the Ice type. Fire and Electric beasts work well against her as some of her Pokémon are also Water type. First out is Glalie (level 50), a pure Ice type. Once again, bring out your old faithful Fire type and reap havoc. Next should be Sealo (level 50), the secondary form of Spheal. This is one of Glalie's Water/Ice types. Bring out your electric type, but be fast because this guy can pack an icy punch. After this guy, another Sealo (level 52) should be sent out. Keep your electric attacker out and deal with her. These Elite 4 guys like repeating Pokémon! Next out is another Glalie this time at level 52. You should change back to your fire or fighting type because electric isn't super effective against it. To bring up the rear of Glacia's squad is Walrein (level 53). This monster evolves from Sealo and has the devastating move "sheer cold." This move knocks out opponent in one hit. Its accuracy is only 30% but watch out. Same tactics apply as with Sealo, except maybe go from Thunderbolt to Thunder, just to make sure....

The final hurdle of the Elite 4 is Drake, the dragon master. These ancient beasts can be very hard to overcome without the correct fire power. The best tactics are to use ice moves, or other dragon attacks. First out is Shelgon (level 52), this is the second stage of Bagons evolution line. Use ice or dragon moves. A Salmenance or Glalie works well here. Next is Altaria (level 54), this is a Dragon/Flying Pokémon so ice attacks deal 4x the damage. After Altaria is Flygon (level 53). This guy usually starts out by placing a sandstorm, because Flygon is a Ground/Dragon type. Ice also does 4x the damage. Another Flygon (level 53) next , same tactics as before should be used. Lastly is the daddy of dragons, Salmenance (level 55) Faint it quick using ice attacks because this guy is full of power. Glalie's Blizzard or Ice beam definitely recommended.

That's it! The Elite 4 complete....but have one more challenge. Remember Steven? He is the Champion and you will face him next. Good Luck! First Steven sends out Skamory (level 57) He is a Steel/Flying type so the best type to use here is a fire pogey, so dust off your Fire type and bring it out. One Flamethrower should do it. Next out is Claydol (level 55) a ground/psychic type. Use a strong water attack such a Surf here. After he has been disposed of, Aggron (level 56) should be sent out. This is a rock/steel type and again, water is the type to use. Metagross is next, this is the highest level Pokémon of the Elite 4 at a whopping level 58. It is a steel/psychic type so Crunch wont work as well. Change to your fire type and you should be fine. Next up should be Cradily (level 56). This was resurrected from one of he fossils in the desert. It is a grass/rock type so ice attacks have a 4x advantage over it. Lastly is Armaldo, this weird looking creature also came from one of the fossils in the desert and is a rock/bug type. Keep your water attacks dowsing it and you will be fine.

There you go! Now you are officially the Champion!

Note: Pokémon may not necessarily be chosen in this order.

By poke_master_dan

Page written by Psythor.

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PsyduckRanger on Thu 12 Apr 2007 14:32:51 UTC.
Loads of this doesn't make sense, why use psychic against ghost? Psychic types are weak against ghost, but ghost aren't against psychic. You want ghost or dark types.
harryama on Sat 19 May 2007 12:09:43 UTC.
I just deafeated them all with rayquaza
qazz42 on Fri 25 May 2007 18:44:35 UTC.
go swampert
infernapeownz on Mon 09 Jul 2007 17:57:41 UTC.
umm i beat them with my grooudon lvl 100
SD198 on Sun 15 Jul 2007 10:09:57 UTC.
Okay for a first time on Sapphire I suggest you use: Kyorge (about level 53) Blaziken (about level 55) and Raichu (level 50) the rest can be one you are training with EXP Share, and two throwaway healers (low level used when need to revive/heal a main fighter) For the first guy use Double Kick on Mightyena and Absol, Blaze Kick on the rest except switch to Raichu and use Thunderbolt/Thunder on Sharpedo. For Pheobe use Kyorge, just use surf on everything. Easy Glacia, Blaze Kick on the Glalies, Raichu can kill the rest. Now for Drake. I hope you kept Ice Beam on Kyogre or you'll have troubles. PRetty simple really, Ice Beam after Ice Beam, after Ice Beam. As for Steven. Skarmory is taken down by a Blaze Kick. Claydol, well Kyogre's Surf'll knock him out. Aggron is also easyily done with a surf. Metagross can cause a couple problems, one Blaze Kick isn't enough really. No matter if Blaziken is at Full Health use TURN 1, Blaze Kick, Metagross Attacks. TURN 2, Steven Heals, Blaze Kick. TURN 3, Blaze Kick. Cradily is easy, one Ice Beam kills it easy. Armaldo actually caused me some problems due to stupidity, I tried taking it down with Ice Beams, I even wasted an Exilar, that gave me 10 Ice Beams, which were all wasted, I used Surf and was like $&%£ why didn't I use that before so use Surf or Hydro Pump on Armaldo.
on Wed 18 Jul 2007 21:07:51 UTC.
i used rayquza too. its fun to do that because he KOs them.
Stmacl on Tue 04 Sep 2007 15:28:25 UTC.
wot about emerald
ameiliaketchum on Sat 17 Nov 2007 17:58:45 UTC.
yay i hav a raichu. hes awesome! he has the fighting move brick break, so there u go, no stupid ugly fighting type needed!
blastoiseprince on Sun 23 Dec 2007 09:09:24 UTC.
ive got saphire. my swampert iz level 60 wiv the moves water pulse, surf,waterfall and dive.wot level do u think it should be @ 2 beat the elite 4?
Laprabi on Tue 19 Feb 2008 18:22:02 UTC.
The best team fot this would probably be:- Milotic/Kyogre that MUST know ice beam, Blaziken, knowing overheat, blaze kick, sky uppercut and a healing/protecting move like protect or something, and if you want, a fast pokémon like ninjask or something. But once I defeated the elite 4 with only a level 100 kyogre that knew sheer cold, surf, ice beam and dive (i think).