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SM - Slateport City Market (Secret Power Club Store)
LD - Lilycove City Department Store
LDC - Lilycove City Department Store Clear-Out Sale
LM - Lilycove Museum
TH - Trick House
FS - Fortree City Shop
PS - Pretty Petal Flower Shop (Route 104)
BT - Battle Tower
LH - Lanette's House (Route 114)
GC - Mauville Game Corner
GW - Glass Workshop (Route 113)
SC - Sootopolis City

The List:

Item Price Found
A Note Mat 500 SM
Attract Mat 4000 LD
Azurill Doll 3000 SM/ LD
B Note Mat 500 SM
Ball Cushion 2000 LD
Ball Poster 1000 LD
Baltoy Doll 3000 LD
Big Plant 5000 PS
Blue Balloon 500 SM
Blue Brick 500 SM
Blue Poster 1000 LD
Blue Tent   TH (Sapphire Version)
Breakable Door 3000 LDC
Brick Chair 2000 FS
Brick Desk 9000 FS
C High Note Mat 500 SM
C Low Note Mat 500 SM
Camp Chair 2000 FS
Camp Desk 9000 FS
Colourful Plant 5000 PS
Comfort Chair 2000 FS
Comfort Desk 6000 FS
Cute Poster 1000 LD
Cute TV 4000 LDC
D Note Mat 500 SM
Diamond Cushion 2000 LD
Duskull Doll 3000 LD
E Note Mat 500 SM
F Note Mat 500 SM
Fence Length 500 LDC
Fence Width 500 LDC
Fire Blast Mat 4000 LD
Fire Cushion 2000 LD
Fissure Mat 4000 LD
G Note Mat 500 SM
Glass Ornament   LM
Glitter Mat 2000 LD
Gold Shield   BT
Gorgeous Plant 5000 PS
Grass Cushion 2000 LD
Green Poster 1000 LD
Gulpin Doll 3000 LD
Hard Chair 2000 FS
Hard Desk 9000 FS
Heavy Chair 2000 FS
Heavy Desk 6000 FS
Jigglypuff Doll 3000 LD
Jump Mat 2000 LD
Kecleon Doll 3000 LD
Long Poster 1500 LD
Lotad Doll   LH (Sapphire Version)
Marill Doll 3000 LD/ SM
Mud Ball 200 LDC
Mudkip Doll 1000 COINS GC
Pichu Doll 3000 LD
Pika Cushion 2000 LD
Pikachu Doll 3000 LD
Pokemon Chair 2000 FS
Pokemon Desk 3000 FS
Powder Snow Mat 4000 LD
Pretty Chair 6000 STEPS GW
Pretty Desk 8000 STEPS GW
Pretty Flower 3000 PS
Ragged Chair 2000 FS
Ragged Desk 6000 FS
Red Balloon 500 SM
Red Brick 500 SM
Red Plant 3000 PS
Red Poster 1000 LD
Red Tent   TH (Ruby Version)
Rhydon Doll 10,000 LDC
Round Cushion 2000 LD
Round TV 4000 LDC
Sand Ornament 3000 LDC
Sea Poster 1500 LD
Seedot Doll   LH (Ruby Version)
Silver Shield   BT
Skitty Doll 3000 LD/ SM
Sky Poster 1500 LD
Slide 8000 LDC
Small Chair 2000 FS
Small Desk 3000 FS
Solid Board 3000 LDC
Spikes Mat 4000 LD
Spin Cushion 2000 LD
Stand 7000 LDC
Surf Mat 4000 LD
Swablu Doll 3000 LD
Thunder Mat 4000 LD
Tire 800 LDC
Torchic Doll 1000 COINS GC
Treecko Doll 1000 COINS GC
Tropical Plant 3000 PS
TV 3000 LDC
Wailmer Doll 10,000/ ____ LDC/ SC
Water Cushion 2000 LD
Wynaut Doll 3000 LD
Yellow Balloon 500 SM
Yellow Brick 500 SM
Zigzag Cushion 2000 LD

Thanks to Typhlosion for this massive list!

Page written by Psythor.

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