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Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald Gameshark Codes: Edit Wild Pokemon- Gameshark and Xploder |

This page contains Gameshark and Xploder codes to catch any Pokemon. This page has always been here with the same codes (which do work- I've checked), which is why the Gameshark codes are still thanks to Irrevilent. The wonderful new easy-to-understand page layout and Xploder codes are all my work. I must also stress that in no way is PUK responsible for any damage done to games by using these codes.

Now, to use any of these codes you have to have a Master Code in. This is a code which has to be enabled, in order for any other codes to even think about working. It should be activated seperately from the Pokemon code.

The Master Code for the Gameshark is: 9E6AC862 823AB7A8 46B7D9E4 A709E9E1

The Master Code for the Xploder is: 0000B138000A 1003A82A0007

To quickly access the Xploder Codes, click here.

To use the Gameshark codes, enable them and go to Route 101 (for those of us who aren't very good at Geography, that's the route above Littleroot Town). These codes might not work first time. They probably won't. If they don't, just restart the game, enable the code again and keep trying. Sometimes it's taken me up to 12 attempts to get a code to work.

Pokemon Name Ruby Gameshark Code Sapphire Gameshark Code
Bulbasaur 34A70341 CBF28F76 FE688997 8A29C7C8
Ivysaur 8DC31328 59382552 C8182986 692B6913
Venusaur F2FFF3AE 78FC904B D1140D49 C845134A
Charmander 525686ED B9F0EFB0 55F6E47B F08AEB84
Charmeleon F411E8FB FEAE4491 8E73BE97 9E4746BB
Charizard F899D7D8 E4C6C08F F57CB0CB D4B063B2
Squirtle 7AB969BE DE9B63A1 020DCA73 6513FA46
Wartortle 3543022C 0221E7C8 8C5C1C17 44C3E0F8
Blastoise 9EA84E67 D95C3269 B39F6B6C 96BAC3D7
Caterpie 29215CE6 6FE78D56 418D051E 0D315BB3
Metapod 8C566669 88E75ECD E951613A 011F5819
Butterfree C83D0C56 BEC64E31 EDF52D55 40FD3635
Weedle A5515953 FE6E60DD F26BA99F BB6D1172
Kakuna 72BD0E77 7F181CF5 34E2A392 8DBC63BF
Beedrill EA8207FA D99A5E98 B13DEEC2 30F1B8A3
Pidgey 5D180A09 3FF6E5C9 E0CD4528 2E706EBF
Pidgeotto 8CE83DC3 39BFB288 61D41FD5 E96619FC
Pidgeot 52D4C590 CE51C6AA 07EFA23A D62F7F20
Ratatta 100C5BA4 479E18C4 CC1729D1 74E2B17F
Raticate D9E4FD4B 880A1D05 17AF7CD5 FB9B8AF2
Spearow 4BA48915 3324FFDB 08170EF7 4FD7526F
Fearow 958721A4 183F8FE9 39220008 854B9C26
Ekans C1797D87 62797F88 4344DE2A C09A776E
Arbok 3B3F70F7 C72A648B 7E948835 BF3D85CE
Pikachu F8586204 46A690F4 1C2E0089 A76EABC3
Raichu 8386B71E C8E34E55 1D83224C 7A504CBD
Sandshrew 338FAA4C FF21C2F3 A2B6C46D 36B37021
Sandslash 5D4CACB7 97F9FEE2 F6399BAA A7636A13
Nidoran (Female) 7C15251E BDDFBD6D C096FB82 5D6EA58A
Nidorina C608CA42 D598A149 1493CEC2 6F644A20
Nidoqueen E9D78A55 2C436466 1BCA60F1 A9F9C797
Nidoran (Male) 6EACE59A F81898B6 FEF1FC38 DD7DDBF2
Nidorino D0101691 DB311AC0 83C67F06 F339C13A
Nidoking 0FDA6088 41ACDA11 467F6F49 A6EB7443
Clefairy B5520456 6735C96F B049BC05 B8397ADD
Clefable 3DA3E063 A39D4D7F 889EC61B 8B42A391
Vulpix 98328EEF 5A30E0A2 CB81B2C2 2A0618F9
Ninetales D1871BDC 314A837D 76817D5A 6097246F
Jigglypuff B582A801 86C2E642 42D34511 81447BDB
Wigglytuff 647B91B5 955D3A37 AC6DD14C B640F18E
Zubat A9399EB7 3CC540C6 2E2ECD09 8243D3B4
Golbat 779818A5 C340EB2C 21578878 2B150BD9
Oddish 8440F366 8B385AB7 7BF4D4DD 504E1373
Gloom 84678E84 FB8C97A6 726184E5 6662519E
Vileplume B7A17218 36169187 B471B6AF 58A82C02
Paras 221A985C 64F68EDE 457D03F1 7D88798A
Parasect 7E69BF5F C5332BD2 8DDE665E A3CDE0BB
Venonat A629CFAB 347A6B52 A16B4AA7 5BED535E
Venomoth FD487869 E5B30B40 D211BE9C 4AFF9073
Diglett 24663333 6D9F6DF4 3CAB6585 0482A125
Dugtrio C07C13B1 E9CB7996 E336B70E 60993790
Meowth D57018A7 B7AFC329 AB3100EB 3D16DAFF
Persian 648D9DB8 8777D699 C9E2FD22 90D335CE
Psyduck B732A924 62EE58DD 9A21BE5C 376CD5DB
Golduck D0C44031 8B4C118E 4DEFA246 323EB4B6
Mankey 265DDFEA EDB4BF44 C7FC6129 A9F50F45
Primeape 247CD7E8 1EBA5BCD 42C60458 3EC7254D
Growlithe 6CF783C8 29105344 962D5081 B3629E62
Arcanine 490B4E08 B173E847 1E61C376 A8F428EB
Poliwag 78A348C4 89A19308 F8C4E3F6 B4239FE9
Poliwhirl A562F709 61FAD127 34F0783A EDE79428
Poliwrath F0F418A0 B30A8FAD F0692FF3 349602EE
Abra DD0D2335 A39E9E7D C070059F A5DC65B0
Kadabra 14296230 2AEFDB38 016FF247 5A4CA525
Alakazam 16D3F06F 9460CC90 9C0CF351 0E761129
Machop 870015B5 2DBF46CE 3AFA44A6 2C96FE5A
Machoke 6DF4F07C DC90C88B D5EEF8BC 6865396F
Machamp CC69DD22 4E8641F3 F09FC02E 5918EFCC
Bellsprout 5ACBF3FD 43E18A8C 959B29A6 02AE5548
Weepinbell FC2C8BA9 E45B9747 27BD4AAD 388520CC
Victreebel C5DAC47F DCCFF636 625311CA 79B736D6
Tentacool BD5022A3 7F8B1468 A52DDD3A 420D8224
Tentacruel 85DBB0BD C9E42913 F85C3AE1 7DD2152D
Geodude A327171A F8A4C93E 73A399C4 E86D4C65
Graveler E8A39FC9 251CD5A9 900C1972 2282AEC9
Golem 51B97838 18B247DB 68D47FB6 77BFD2D5
Ponyta C44DDB7C 4EF1DF7A 363213F9 3CDE89D0
Rapidash 5B42AD65 145EBB5F 8A264A69 1041B8B2
Slowpoke 59255975 9BE3C0A7 FD61A327 374833A6
Slowbro CAB34BC4 DD1B4DA0 9F3EEEFC A9932249
Magnemite 193366F2 3C9E32F5 956870FE C4B44E22
Magneton D0ECB28C B705C5AE 566CCA28 06E9DA42
Farfetch'd 42E042FA 997DD55D 5C106FE7 04E139D0
Doduo BA83CA88 78632363 86194A09 795A9498
Dodrio 9B570D27 9C821574 CD7200E7 AC8CE95C
Seel AA92BC68 ED9CBA0D 2ADD25F4 0D4E4A56
Dewgong C91E9A60 57CA4543 14597CC5 11EDFCEF
Grimer 0E153160 F99F803E 4ADEBBB1 5AD616B2
Muk 198A42DE EBEA1723 5A0E57FE ACBA2F90
Shellder A816D6C6 04F8B772 6B1E2AFE B131268D
Cloyster A86B24F3 D2EB9CEF 3D75BFFA 44671512
gastly FD280C9D 2B8D8E64 1953EB64 3CE241BD
Haunter 12501C32 35DDE08D C503A25A 92BE1A74
Gengar 7F8E85DB A51FDB58 839F2565 AD54D9FE
Onix 0E1E6CAF D9B5EEDF F908C6B2 4CF4D551
Drowzee 73088F8A ECAD05CD 3310FECE 029EF02E
Hypno FC231C57 8162330B 7BA3F9AA 7AA4E934
Krabby 99D83E44 58B8980B B7F24381 68E04047
Kingler E8B6D544 ABCDEC70 F046AC28 48449DC2
Voltorb 385924CC 96AD8A5C 89EB77E9 0B910057
Electrode FCAC17CE AD7B1B49 AC3EC121 FD549C7E
Exeggcute C65486B7 5310D975 2D239148 A6FEDFC0
Exeggutor 6F8FAAEB DA70E240 2CC086BE 35A8E8A1
Cubone 09BBD1F6 1BEE4654 A2D947BF 98208355
Marowak 8C409C63 10B7B86E D805D22E 98A12857
Hitmonlee E5F18B51 2521DE37 DF765A24 A10D89B3
Hitmonchan A5A1A2D1 6C94A6F3 44C55272 8BADFB1C
Lickitung 417B3AD5 1FB791EF AAF85756 C1E5F927
Koffing 20238F1F 9D3ECBEE 35A1C476 4E3D7DBE
Wheezing 6FB62A99 96449A63 9418DF34 7F3776D3
Rhyhorn 5BB3B030 82E367B3 8E79EF78 525B74F0
Rhydon C22F588E F56176C5 A50DBF79 B84FFDE6
Chansey 1D99593D E1D86A8D 22ADB9A8 E74ACF55
Tangela DD4C3FD0 AA839EFB 5E0A98C8 BDF4C9C0
Kangaskhan FFEC393D C1973C2C D9412D47 3D4BFA57
Horsea CA901B2C 775577A0 81C63D6D C946EE6E
Seadra C3985E76 E6A4449C 5F09EF0B A971E5B6
Goldeen 6FED2E18 C1EBD433 3CE8BD5F 2172D4AE
Seaking 6FEED310 3E3D2DBF 16CEC6FA AAE39DE3
Staryu 084FB98E F7B55C5E 6E79F18B 9DC1C6E1
Starmie 693254C4 76FDFC41 A5AFCE1B 484BA79B
Mr. Mime E330A937 CFFC5626 60976A31 FF8F89B4
Scyther CA70C388 EA048FA9 4ACE62FC D544C07E
Jynx 50CA95F4 FAC20799 1F50E4EB 0917EA64
Electabuzz A1FEFAF2 3C001119 111B2780 19DB631B
Magmar E133E0A2 7D13BDEE C53021D1 E16C4CBB
Pinsir 2C9A5450 48AC1519 07F25AD2 8E83CAAB
Tauros A7180021 A91371CE 36F7CD9F 15C2BCD8
Magikarp 81B6D768 4468E0F2 A2E21EA9 995B825E
Gyrados F6502C0A 42087CA7 97EB1506 C20C60C4
Lapras 8F65EE3B 1E4F558B 64C4E6A2 D7FD06A6
Ditto A820F29F 761B67BB 920A0644 C5A04841
Eevee AF9217A7 92900E25 DA79FE3F F23D7A10
Vaporeon BF19AEEC 17DA0EDC 6D8B8B95 11477631
Jolteon CF08C1CD 1C1543F3 07033D3E 218044B6
Flareon 2DE5F91A 6BD39C22 B267E7E2 6A2F6824
Porygon 4BDE6799 F7A1CD58 54C6D042 479D034F
Omanyte 99DF4603 61B40D20 1037F6A1 5E662945
Omastar 5C375432 8486B343 AA13898A 402499D0
Kabuto A867A349 052EE287 1199F2AE 1303EF04
Kabutops 63974CD2 E411B178 F4C79B58 F61884EE
Aerodactyl 8066AE70 7E346D73 27946ADB 890AAF6D
Snorlax E9338FB2 5C39BBB2 9538B4C0 59FAB11A
Articuno A89584B3 C24D8E4C BD0C9A27 9791FAC0
Zapdos 67BB511F E4D4CCD6 52826037 A86D806F
Moltres 02D34B05 3E32B188 6B1CAE43 25E8B20E
Dratini 940F0C63 1C51DF21 3F196796 00E388A8
Dragonair B8172147 C6834EBD A963AC4F 4CD1FB72
Dragonite E890093F 103A1FAB 51024322 FF7C88DF
Mewtwo 01011B3D 17CFE0C9 FC39AB09 2B78C9E3
Mew C14DDE64 84225D17 7E4626D2 7E59E369
Chikorita F422CB48 465C1A5C F671BE4A 840FE80D
Bayleef E8C04F01 B96164BF 80DCE3C1 F22AB702
Meganium 801F8162 DC9281CE D7A3F62F 83BBB268
Cyndaquil A689C4FC D4CCE572 B5A61C11 AEA31B28
Quilava 021E2809 62107091 5B7F4DF1 E5590A7F
Typhlosion AF9AD4DB 0652686A D2B77AF5 AA485091
Totodile 03F71818 BFFD4C84 1082C449 FE8CB4B6
Croconaw BD18A80B ECFC55C2 5A639FAB 3B282D14
Feraligatr F04C835E 88EB90C9 2EF41EC7 C4EEB556
Sentret C6ED867D B96C97C4 F200961E CF888CBC
Furret 2F93088D F62CA70B A21293A1 4366FEB7
Hoothoot D0773F44 697719F5 0CAE0ECB 8D6DF794
Noctowl 663B1ED1 C0505F43 7B4D740C C6643EA1
Ledyba 6EB37C11 A63DE5D8 00BA501A 0CC2BD79
Ledian 78368870 8CE9C69C 67FFC624 2CEF02FC
Spinarak 5C08BA83 DE8637D0 DD163F97 A973F785
Ariados AF732FA1 970A1631 9002F087 8EAB735C
Crobat 9E6389DF 5C90881B C1156DF0 9E0BA137
Chinchou 9EF49A7A 1E08BDE3 AD02F854 CBBE7320
Lanturn 97295F14 4F4D854B 1B68386D AB71FD79
Pichu FC2F01ED BC6B0208 4A058029 862F3014
Cleffa 8E7A4AA4 F75027E3 45DDA9C3 94DD75DD
Igglybuff A523F191 2EC070BE C5597688 169AD281
Togepi A5A8F9C6 9304313C F8EE49A1 520468C9
Togetic D1C93195 B3270E30 24C7B670 D678D637
Natu 8F23B96C C613F367 FAF76B02 6F487691
Xatu 5A6A10FB 499CBAB7 46B12D02 BABB2413
Mareep 59F61E00 57CCC8D3 B4810FE9 2E32AAC1
Flaaffy CC82FBB7 37E96C6A 9535C35E 9E0D93B3
Amphardos 174FC822 4A471892 4716BDE3 AECC550D
Bellossom D00D2535 90E76801 C0DF16E4 D0D687D2
Marill CB05F828 21B59E4F 930087D5 D592358B
Azumarill EDDDF1A0 478E7235 68C8F94C FE35A1F6
Sudowoodo AD4B03EF 57812CD0 FCB94392 B0676869
Politoed 134C5A7F 4E303217 B604A2A2 96B34731
Hoppip F3993A02 D34BD749 50AEC58A CC14890C
Skiploom 3FE2C46F 10E47F24 411B958A 84796A57
Jumpluff 464C14E4 15C6B423 58BED304 26EEA655
Aipom DC8BB9EE 3918BBF4 3CDF8A49 11569DAB
Sunkern 94A40D66 663CC041 0698A4A2 9DC1CEF1
Sunflora CC4EFAE2 1686DD23 FD5C5A43 2D42E8B1
Yanma 699152C3 4A3700D7 596F980A 74D25393
Wooper 9F840619 17A1701E 48DFC864 C13A491B
Quagsire BFD82990 439C9EE4 AA3B13E3 2CA81A06
Espeon 16EA947D 2A380636 3AF4FADB FA21F7EE
Umbreon 717CBA6A 97DEDD39 56D55ACF E5A71A47
Murkrow 0E8630D7 11A6C0B6 2FFD9106 BD84C15F
Slowking DE51317E B7F1C71D 5C7EE037 DDB4FD3E
Misdreavus 908D8A55 B05AEA6D B058E04A 0B4788BD
Unown 9235C1A1 96F0F502 AAA668CD C8782ECB
Wobbuffet 32492BAA 0837F7B0 237AD819 87824123
Girafarig BAE8EBDF 4CC8B3E0 CB274DFE 0DFADA72
Pineco 9C7A4A55 6D81C00C 78D34397 57570F32
Forretress 11E68AF7 94958575 32DD95B0 DD51C780
Dunsparce BD8834D2 6A69A1E9 AED7745E A9B60DE1
Gligar C94C290B 1F081245 E197E3A1 AADBC480
Steelix 97DEC292 F1263BCC 255B4763 A75DBCBE
Snubbull DA67718C 142EF3F8 DE009797 5F7228B6
Granbull 439C096C 59D5D9D2 1305B48E F13A2D79
Qwilfish 8173CD51 B337E84A 4BD3AF65 6055DBBD
Scizor 2A025578 EA0BAAC5 E05B2574 E055AC38
Shuckle 8F6C1412 6C32DB99 EDA69770 CFE79675
Heracross C02F3945 3F6BA4C5 EF3B8CD3 EDC7D47F
Sneasel 07CC0FEA 8A602CD2 957B0A61 E9CB111F
Teddiursa F929371D 993665C0 1273BF62 25F979E7
Ursaring AE784A9E 2D10E865 A64EDA5B 63CB26B7
Slugma E4BC041B 05FE0156 4DC2292A A078295D
Magcargo ECBBF0C2 DDE4FF19 23245076 7F958A42
Swinub A356C806 1CE76716 3F7E156C D9A7E479
Piloswine 85C129C9 40AE9B0E 30E61801 BC97D2CA
Corsola 6186264C 37B2353E 6DE0B79C FC79B94F
Remoraid 7E0F90DD 13C9BB6B B8296D26 6ADF81CC
Octillery 189D26AF D54A9E49 CC15AE44 A44FD28A
Delibird 72AE8AE7 F7899E5C 9F67A749 EF2C97ED
Mantine 682F6060 7C3EE3EC 701F3604 6AB62FE4
Skarmory E720E065 E5442541 1B8F9651 4866E9EB
Houndour C5C8C4B1 9DF4B1B3 9ABA8DF4 53CA8C92
Houndoom A8FE976B 6F317E0B 5A518326 06AB6C7A
Kingdra C10EAC9F 724B6D2B B91B5449 1C5F617C
Phanpy DF9E8643 1976A827 8E7711A2 CD924447
Donphan 0381D822 58D4B0CE B8252BDE 9F6372CA
Porygon2 935F7253 DACDB7DE BD8B151D 00175F7F
Stantler 835ABD9A C2B16540 34FF78A4 B0EC1849
Smeargle 9C7BFB52 7FB0EE35 FBFEA0D0 023051DC
Tyrogue 30A384FC 91E12A04 8D858362 788E3994
Hitmontop E6CC8691 BD68FE02 895A6A9E D4010480
Smoochum 8DD901B2 CF5D8580 CC3A6841 EF32677C
Elekid C46EA235 2CFF5BDB D1A3F4CF 7260287D
Magby 843A96CE CAECC17C A74CFAE1 9F46DDAF
Miltank CCAB4043 2D23D484 A29A056A E47DAE35
Blissey AD8BC8F4 6A5832D0 40DC59DC 2BF9BD39
Raikou 11E015A9 6218E4F4 F68B66A0 B9E59948
Entei 90318658 1326AD71 941F2B95 000335F0
Suicune F02053DB 124AFB5B 88571AAF 0F294FAA
Larvitar 43543A5C C4A4F3A0 BB64BCE4 44A6E759
Pupitar 8ABEBDE1 62FC083B EE578CFA 5C3AFE62
Tyranitar 17398072 9E5227C0 65B2032D F5D62BCB
Lugia 6122C7BF 28C56282 F9557A33 66E81192
Ho-oh F7F53B90 7F3E79D4 730089C8 D142674F
Celebi EFD3CB1B 3EACF581 9096B06D 39DF820D
Treecko 350A04E5 ED0B0358 61329A52 DC3B29D2
Grovyle 2CF1DDF5 0F982C99 D5F0F3C8 58B51E40
Sceptile 79E6A0C7 DEA42F2F 55994D56 938CD955
Torchic ADD67E8D 8EA25343 2F2F61DB 6293CAEB
Combusken 245E6861 666852CF 52F8F23E 03381242
Blaziken AD7456E5 122B0F64 89A27631 11A0EDE0
Mudkip BEF2EF5C D134EB04 3118DABA CC711782
Marshtomp BFF8C075 E088C3CA 1220EFD8 A193D005
Swampert 161E27F2 9FD3477A 5EE006DB 7A411D5B
Poochyena C8EADA2D 52229993 7F927FCF 0368F083
Mightyena 6078590B 7BA509C1 AD8A35E9 A4C2DFAD
Zigzagoon E93D8BAC 6A0CAD9D C7AE591F E7027DE3
Linoone A3F792DA 5D6AB6B7 A157DCC5 53CB849F
Wurmple 01BB3C04 EBE4FB7C 6D0C4EB7 941DE97F
Silcoon 48B92E97 19839AC6 8EE9B13D 6DC1C8B0
Beautifly 6ED5FCB7 8AB9DF20 C77522B7 D234C32E
Cascoon 9754AD1D 36BAEEBC 9E37738E 28CB8C65
Dustox 710EA46D 5B4FE578 D46358F3 3F3C5A93
Lotad FF470D62 C2AC1DAA AFA0F0E5 4B04B46A
Lombre BDE36958 3C0B9D7F F6F76738 DE22FB19
Ludicolo CA51C485 8B20F851 809D86D3 F03D6BFC
Seedot D30A9C52 B4C2221F 8BDD50A7 3438200E
Nuzleaf 17ABFF80 18FF3201 CD2EA524 AD2EE3C7
Shiftry D245585D 985DE92F 29ECFF72 08FAB808
Nincada 3584AA5C CE25A13F 66F7EE4D DCF16A3C
Ninjask C13040A1 07F06087 47BE973B 1627B4CD
Shedinja 00276126 D591630A 2A8D12D6 2905DF58
Taillow 751B236D EEE8FCED B9DF5D56 2DD1ABA9
Swellow A4E62821 95DF3819 FAB8B591 4DE1A48C
Shroomish C5E770B0 F0421E3C 30BF6326 439F6912
Breloom 67419DA8 EF5E6D06 016FD9EE 651FD9BC
Spinda FCF05AA6 AF46CE55 90B5B84B 1B804A29
Wingull C108BE38 F51B407B 5B3BF6FD 8A99E902
Pelipper 1C294758 A76972A7 BF7BFD77 756E754E
Surskit C6C9B7DC 5408FBBF 29259D2D BF2FC3A7
Masquerain D96AF3E8 52131667 EEB9DFC4 EAC8C80D
Wailmer 89B869F4 3423489A 85DC9092 67D90090
Wailord 4D2EF5AA 42CDD0CF 6D11875E 3F3099A3
Skitty B4C93B47 8319C8C7 2C12C29A 7AA1A374
Delcatty 1779F9E3 AD76A7C8 D07BE79B A1EBD4DD
Kecleon CEC6F594 D8E0773B C1C37C63 510F0207
Baltoy 26344460 7F7F553C 8AFDEFAC B69FFD26
Claydol AB5165C7 BFB004F9 FF557134 39BA3B0D
Nosepass FF3A6296 DC75E477 992E939E 467CD7DC
Torkoal 27DE5A91 0101BA83 86B2433F A87A3583
Sableye 76EBB20A ECD99D4A D3CA9063 0A8BFD45
Barboach 7F626E64 D023C0AD 659881FC 6E7B2A3F
Whiscash 619BD44E 05208B29 4B7F1229 E298A9A9
Luvdisc 83A4F30C 8782A763 45CF960D EA340DAA
Corphish CE278A50 E6C48EA4 4B291717 551C977B
Crawdaunt FF913798 8CBE003B 4DFED17D FBF6F51A
Feebas 14266872 70F47111 0DF5412B B0513383
Milotic ABACD32B 765DE730 8598FB19 A8E65770
Canvanha 225444E5 502C8341 FC27CBD3 2E9BC3E8
Sharpedo BB59A0CB A323E942 54C87EA6 E02397F3
Trapinch C87F407A CE1D4456 8A7333AF 7E188DE3
Vibrava DA80329A 866CC61C C5B29F8E BF4038C2
Flygon 225A6E61 045F3E43 CCC81A32 3071AA1A
Makuhita CCA519AE AC4066F8 350EB4CF 9F8DFEC7
Hariyama EED10936 E0284B15 ECACFB7F 9D8D56DF
Electrike 801A92B5 8943A990 54365756 EEE946EB
Manectric B77B2D40 56EF6997 B57FE5A1 E65B2B5F
Numel E96AE5E2 CF1206DE 184DE938 2303F969
Camerupt D3CAE239 6988F7BC EF219AE9 200A232B
Spheal 6444C37B BB84AE1E 6BD0A6D6 A971BC01
Sealeo 7E95A6F7 9CBA081F 31F94B06 C99498B6
Walrein 23DB792E 1CD0BCA0 4A5E6B7D 5AFFCBC3
Cacnea 7D4FEEA7 D8E1CD4A D3817284 5A34CFB0
Cacturne 4DC02258 7FF84980 6B8A5D7F 311F168D
Snorunt A6170403 82250606 54E7AD60 7EB02EEE
Glalie 6A21C6F0 64D13F9C 50F49C35 B362C156
Lunatone 5F8C1594 AD297ED9 C6AAE556 668EE680
Solrock C28721A0 3F021FE6 FB74DA8A 2C6C94AC
Azurill 6662C006 611B7701 2A15B9DC BBC1DAF9
Spoink 2541DFA8 60A6A0D8 E8AFD87C 70F9F0A0
Grumpig DD716271 AC8A7069 83D73CDB F24A6409
Plusle 5F7CA9FC C7164966 6656AB7C E3559AB9
Minun F86D66FD 183984E8 2566D695 9BC3B902
Mawile 3EA55799 D9463B81 28486E6F 9CDE6293
Meditite 7FF8C925 8EAD833E 6F3364C9 840C256D
Medicham E6CB1222 CD35F531 3AECA007 C26F6E80
Swablu 2C314942 9C03DF9B 53FE91D6 A2FD22AF
Altaria FC00762C 7AF084C6 B0FE4124 50134470
Wynaut 2C4F87D2 83E510B4 3D684AF8 62DF5373
Duskull A3F940BC 92A0DACF FA0D06C7 B80303BB
Dusclops 69E5427D 79DD9674 D32E9DA3 C0178E9F
Roselia 770E1FBB 069DB909 D35EBFEF C071D160
Slakoth CEBBEB7E 865D53F7 AFB0D018 4318F41F
Vigoroth 542DB39A 4BA72612 6ED825A2 8E2FC369
Slaking CCBE811B C910ADDE FF1CE265 AF2CE897
Glupin 4D743759 64C269F8 67873309 FE58C974
Swalot 1FE236F3 ED591D3C BD2FEDB2 656975D0
Tropius 3991AA05 176FABAC DE4C6FC4 63457CE4
Whismur 269C8865 C382CC0B 103FDA72 AEEB3B71
Loudred 8FBD49FD EAC0BB6F B93000EF 3E01DCF4
Exploud D5408182 B2A28CF2 C49045AC 6D2D3EA6
Clamperl F591FEF2 33664B68 92D0821D 55A5638E
Huntail E0C7BE73 90D8C10C 64A31EDA E0DBE68B
Gorebyss 11873373 82D59EA2 A77E8F0C B30255C4
Absol ECE24723 FBF5D136 36F0673B 7CB17D89
Shuppet 5AF23560 4F970AC5 45D3AD39 1A111909
Banette C2CFEF9A 05375CC2 F1FD95FC 8100CAE1
Seviper 207F86E1 1018C6E3 91C406A6 F139E91A
Zangoose ACC9D960 0C1AA37C 7013FE0F 7D70A40B
Relicanth 30C01321 EA7266AC C5DCBD68 551060B8
Aron C07AA596 88F524DF 6DFDD458 873F739D
Lairon 3CB41A61 E6D315C8 1230EA58 8967A380
Aggron 922EFE10 629E8B3E A9D8374B 9D1A4F58
Castform DA9985B3 91028222 B4344210 5DDC8DBF
Volbeat 1FE2F364 5EF2DEA5 23F0AFC0 C6EFE0EC
Illumise A21A9F4C 57883C24 00B738A3 4F9BE033
Lileep 647F6C1E 1179E18A 22B0BD87 06835E05
Cradily D2A8F37F B273698D 45AE6BFA A14D0CCF
Anorith 97E3DF11 7A6ED392 755F0DD4 C03A7748
Armaldo A00822F3 72775B8B 79ED6FF8 5407E2B5
Ralts 1CEF5301 1D4BF8EE FA653513 B3C43929
Kirlia 5485C823 1E1AB278 C0CCB67B 257D8F11
Gardevoir E2FE9B19 4E51CC71 7759A96F 7699D46D
Bagon 0438226F 95FB4953 FFEC44CC 65560877
Shelgon 6F74F848 20D53517 82187421 85246106
Salamence 29ED5B30 657566E4 665D542E 2F4B22A2
Beldum 6A3FAF94 C26712CC 9EE9A109 3F84A382
Metang 121FC1EE DFFFCDC2 C0E9C795 4F81160E
Metagross 3FF7313B AE16DFE8 A64086FA 1589E801
Regirock 43C0C066 417B8F5A DE72C783 82295904
Regice CE5A355D 36A2A19E D03CB978 FEB988E3
Registeel 2E5BBF5B 59BF1DB0 E9E2B284 18B72757
Kyogre 8FF000FC 5C91FC03 526F6C2B 90F49473
Groudon 9FBDFC48 097137F5 C8E3A659 3504483E
Rayquaza 35C5C09B C8BA1804 8EC10D71 02763090
Latias 178D784F E0CE7995 3D3EC449 220AFC74
Latios A96D4006 4D85B7F8 7CB2130B FE622790
Jirachi 514BB137 3E2DEC8F 94CDF7F1 C09AB1B0
Deoxys F75CE939 866081B2 FBAB6468 6C8201EE
Chimecho DCF6E452 A328CA0C 5F3B79BD A0B820EC

Xploder Codes

To use these codes, simply whack (not literally- that'd be silly) 83007D220XXX into your Xploder, but change XXX to the relevant 3 digit code for each Pokemon. Just to reiterate, the Master Code for the Xploder is 0000B138000A 1003A82A0007

Code NeededNameCode NeededNameCode NeededName
115Treecko 116Grovyle 117Sceptile
118Torchic 119Combusken 11ABlaziken
11BMudkip 11CMarshtomp 11DSwampert
11EPoochyena 11FMightyena 120Zigzagoon
121Linoone 122Wurmple 123Silcoon
124Beautifly 125Cascoon 126Dustox
127Lotad 128Lombre 129Ludicolo
12ASeedot 12BNuzleaf 12CShiftry
130Taillow 131Swellow 135Wingull
136Pelipper 188Ralts 189Kirlia
18AGardevoir 137Surskit 138Masquerain
132Shroomish 133Breloom 16CSlakoth
16DVigoroth 16ESlaking 03FAbra
040Kadabra 041Alakazam 12DNincada
12ENinjask 12FShedinja 172Whismur
173Loudred 174Exploud 14FMakuhita
150Hariyama 076Goldeen 077Seaking
081Magikarp 082Gyarados 15EAzurill
0B7Marill 0B8Azumarill 04AGeodude
04BGraveler 04CGolem 140Nosepass
13BSkitty 13CDelcatty 029Zubat
02AGolbat 0A9Crobat 048Tentacool
049Tentacruel 142Sableye 163Mawile
17EAron 17FLairon 180Aggron
042Machop 043Machoke 044Machamp
164Meditite 165Medicham 151Electrike
152Manectric 161Plusle 162Minun
051Magnemite 052Magneton 064Voltorb
065Electrode 182Volbeat 183Illumise
02BOddish 02CGloom 02DVileplume
0B6Bellossom 054Doduo 055Dodrio
16BRoselia 16FGulpin 170Swalot
14ACarvanha 14BSharpedo 139Wailmer
13AWailord 153Numel 154Camerupt
0DASlugma 0DBMagcargo 141Torkoal
058Grimer 059Muk 06DKoffing
06EWeezing 15FSpoink 160Grumpig
01BSandshrew 01CSandslash 134Spinda
0E3Skarmory 14CTrapinch 14DVibrava
14EFlygon 158Cacnea 159Cacturne
166Swablu 167Altaria 17CZangoose
17BSeviper 15CLunatone 15DSolrock
143Barboach 144Whiscash 146Corphish
147Crawdaunt 13EBaltoy 13FClaydoll
184Lileep 185Cradily 186Anorith
187Armaldo 0AEIgglybuff 027Jigglypuff
028Wigglytuff 148Feebas 149Milotic
181Castform 078Staryu 079Starmie
13DKecleon 179Shuppet 17ABanette
169Duskull 16ADusclops 171Tropius
19BChimecho 178Absol 025Vulpix
026Ninetales 0ACPichu 019Pikachu
01ARaichu 036Psyduck 037Golduck
168Wynaut 0CAWobbuffet 0B1Natu
0B2Xatu 0CBGirafarig 0E7Phanpy
0E8Donphan 07FPinsir 0D6Heracross
06FRhyhorn 070Rhydon 15ASnorunt
15BGlalie 155Spheal 156Sealeo
157Walrein 175Clamperl 176Huntail
177Gorebyss 17DRelicanth 0DECorsola
0AAChinchou 0ABLanturn 145Luvdisc
074Horsea 075Seadra 0E6Kingdra
18BBagon 18CShelgon 18DSalamence
18EBeldum 18FMetang 190Metagross
191Regirock 192Regice 193Registeel
197Latias 198Latios 194Kyogre
195Groudon 196Rayquaza 199Jirachi
19ADeoxys 001Bulbasaur 002Ivysaur
003Venusaur 004Charmander 005Charmeleon
006Charizard 007Squirtle 008Wartortle
009Blasttoise 00ACaterpie 00BMetapod
00CButterfree 00DWeedle 00EKakuna
00FBeedrill 010Pidgey 011Pidgeotto
012Pidgeot 013Rattata 014Raticate
015Spearow 016Fearow 017Ekans
018Arbok 01DNidoran 01ENidorina
01FNidoqueen 020Nidoranmale 021Nidorino
022Nidoking 023Clefairy 024Clefable
02EParas 02FParasect 030Venonat
031Venomoth 032Diglett 033Dugtrio
034Meowth 035Persian 038Mankey
039Primeape 03AGrowlithe 03BArcanine
03CPoliwag 03DPoliwhirl 03EPoliwrath
045Bellsprout 046Weepinbell 047Victreebell
04DPonyta 04ERapidash 04FSlowpoke
050Slowbro 053Farfetch'd 056Seel
057Dewgong 05AShellder 05BCloyster
05CGastly 05DHaunter 05EGengar
05FOnix 060Drowzee 061Hypno
062Krabby 063Kingler 066Exeggcute
067Exeggcutor 068Cubone 069Marowak
06AHitmonlee 06BHitmonchan 06CLickitung
071Chansey 072Tangela 073Kangaskhan
07AMr.Mime 07BScyther 07CJynx
07DElectabuzz 07EMagmar 080Tauros
083Lapras 084Ditto 085Eevee
086Vaporeon 087Jolteon 088Flareon
089Porygon 08AOmanyte 08BOmastar
08CKabuto 08DKabutops 08EAerodactyl
08FSnorlax 090Articunno 091Zapdos
092Moltres 093Dratini 094Dragonair
095Dragonite 096Mewtwo 097Mew
098Chikorita 099Bayleef 09AMeganium
09BCyndaquil 09CQuilava 09DTyphlosion
09ETotodile 09FCroconaw 0A0Feraligatr
0A1Sentret 0A2Furret 0A3Hoothoot
0A4Noctowl 0A5Ledyba 0A6Ledian
0A7Spinarak 0A8Ariados 0ADCleffa
0AFTogepi 0B0Togetic 0B3Mareep
0B4Flaaffy 0B5Ampharos 0B9Sudowoodo
0BAPolitoed 0BBHoppip 0BCSkiploom
0BDJumpluff 0BEAipom 0BFSunkern
0C0Sunflora 0C1Yanma 0C2Wooper
0C3Quagsire 0C4Espeon 0C5Umbreon
0C6Murkrow 0C7Slowking 0C8Misdreavus
0C9Unown 0CCPineco 0CDForretress
0CEDunsparce 0CFGligar 0D0Steelix
0D1Snubbull 0D2Granbull 0D3Qwilfish
0D4Scizor 0D5Shuckle 0D7Sneasel
0D8Teddiursa 0D9Ursaring 0DCSwinub
0DDPiloswine 0DFRemoraid 0E0Octillery
0E1Delibird 0E2Mantine 0E4Houndour
0E5Houndoom 0E9Porygon2 0EAStantler
0EBSmeargle 0ECTyrogue 0EDHitmontop
0EESmoochum 0EFElekid 0F0Magby
0F1Miltank 0F2Blissey 0F3Raikou
0F4Entei 0F5Suicune 0F6Larvitar
0F7Pupitar 0F8Tyranitar 0F9Lugia
0FAHo-oh 0FBCelebi 0FCEgg

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dod on Mon 01 Sep 2008 07:32:48 UTC.
it says they are corrupt on xploder
Deoxys_rules on Thu 05 Mar 2009 02:53:18 UTC.
I noticed that some of the GameShark codes are preprogrammed into it. While searching the Internet one day, I found codes that let you get ANY Pokemon in the game, except possibly BadEGGs, EGGs, ones that are so screwy that the game locks up in the encounter, and blank Hex values. You just need the Master Code they give you, the first 8 digits are the template, while the last four are the Hex numbers. And even better, they work on any standard route, not just 101; just make sure you don't have any BadEGGs with you, or they will negate the effects.
duckyjr1337 on Mon 12 Oct 2009 16:53:17 UTC.
do they work on emerald
Jonathan9482 on Tue 27 Sep 2011 08:31:00 UTC.
How do they work for xploder can someone tell me were to put the master code
Guest on Wed 05 Nov 2014 12:08:54 UTC.
ISSUES WITH XPLODER CODE: to the people who have got it to work, screw u all for not helping the ones who needed, and to the people who have had trouble i have the solution. the code is corrupt because when u activate the code on the same game it puts 2 mastercodes in, including the one u added, so what u need to do is, make a new game(on xploder) then create the master code and the actual code, hope u sort it out :)
Guest on Tue 09 Dec 2014 14:39:11 UTC.
I've tried it 20 times and it hasn't worked. Thanks for the waste of time
Guest on Fri 19 Dec 2014 06:51:51 UTC.
ok so i dont get it couz how to get legendary pokemons if you dint fight them??
Guest on Sat 29 Aug 2015 02:31:51 UTC.
this doesnt work
Guest on Tue 08 Sep 2015 00:20:48 UTC.
super cool
Guest on Tue 20 Oct 2015 22:52:11 UTC.
Invalid codes ... Make sure it works first
Guest on Sun 01 Nov 2015 12:55:37 UTC.
Not working on pikachu and the others
TriSeo on Sat 19 Dec 2015 06:34:09 UTC.
Thank you for your post. It's very helpful xD
Guest on Sun 20 Mar 2016 14:52:31 UTC.
It actually works! thanks to these codes I already complete my pokedex!
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