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To help you in your quest to become the Pokemon Master of Hoenn, Nintendo allow your Pokemon to hold items. There are many of these items (including berries but they aren't featured on this page). This page shows all of the items, what they do and where you find them:

Amulet Coin When the holding Pokémon is used in a trainer battle, you earn double the money. Littleroot Town
Black Belt Increases power of fighting- type moves. Route 115
Blackglasses Increases power of dark- type moves. Route 116
Blue Scarf Increases holders Beauty. Slateport City (Pokemon Fan Club)
Bright Powder Lowers opponents Accuracy. Battle Tower Prize
Charcoal Increases power of fire- type moves. Lavaridge Town
Choice Band When you first use a move, its strength is increased 1.5x, but only that move can be used until the Pokemon is switched. Battle Tower Prize
Cleanse Tag Decreases chance of meeting wild Pokemon. Mt. Pyre
Deepseascale Improves Clamperl's Special Defense. Evolves Clamperl to Gorebyss when traded. Slateport City
Deepseatooth Improves Clamperl's Special Attack. Evolves Clamperl to Huntail when traded. Slateport City
Dragon Fang Increases power of dragon- type moves. Meteor Falls
Dragon Scale Evolves Seadra to Kingdra when traded. Wild Bagon & Horsea
Everstone Holding Pokemon will not evolve. Wild Geodude & Graveler
Exp. Share Holding Pokemon earns half of exp. won in battle. Rustboro City
Focus Band Occasionly prevents Pokemon from fainting. Shoal Cave
Green Scarf Increases holder's Smartness. Slateport City (Pokemon Fan Club)
Hard Stone Increases power of rock- type moves. Trick House, Wild Aron + Lairon.
King's Rock May cause opponent to Flinch. Mossdeep City, Wild Hariyama.
Lax Incense Lowers Opponent's Accuracy Mt. Pyre
Leftovers Recovers holder's HP every turn. Battle Tower Prize. S.S Tidal
Light Ball Double's Strength of Pikachu's Special Attacks. Wild Pokemon.
Macho Brace Raises holder's stats easier, but halves speed. Route 111
Magnet Increases power of electric- type moves. Trick House
Mental Herb Prevents attraction. Fortree City
Metal Coat Increases power of steel- type moves. Wild Pokemon.
Miracle Seed Increases power of grass- type moves. Petalburg Woods
Mystic Water Increases power of water- type moves. Held by Castform
Nevermeltice Increases power of ice- type moves. Shoal Cave
Pink Scarf Increase holders Cuteness. Slateport City (Pokemon Fan Club)
Poison Barb Increases power of poison- type moves. Wild Cacnea.
Quick Claw Holder has bigger chance of attacking first. Rustboro City, Wild Pokemon
Red Scarf Increases holder's Coolness. Slateport City (Pokemon Fan Club)
Scope Lens Increases chance of getting a Critical Hit. Battle Tower Prize
Sea Incense Increases power of water- type moves. Mt. Pyre
Sharp Beak Increases power of flying- type moves. Wild Pokemon.
Shell Bell Holder recovers 1/8 of damage dealt in HP. Shoal Cave
Silk Scarf Increases power of normal- type moves. Dewford Town
Silverpowder Increases power of bug- type moves. Route 120
Smoke Ball Holder has a bigger chance of fleeing. Trick House, Wild Pokemon
Soft Sand Increases power of ground- type moves. Route 109, Wild Pokemon
Soothe Bell Holder likes you more easily. Slateport City (Pokemon Fan Club)
Spell Tag Increases power of ghost- type moves. Wild Duskull + Dusclops
Twistedspoon Increases power of psychic- type moves Wild Abra
White Herb Returns holders lowered stats to original level. Route 104
Yellow Scarf Increases holders toughness. Slateport City (Pokemon Fan Club)

Thanks to Typhlosion for this!

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