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One of the great things about Ruby and Sapphire, is the number of Legendaries to find and catch. Whilst catching Regice, Registeel and Regirock (if you haven't yet then why not????), you may have been pleased that stay in one place, unlike Raikou, Entei and Suicune. Of course if you were missing the furious feelings of when you either can't find them or they run away when you finally find them, then don't despair! On Ruby version you can still catch Latios, and Sapphire players can catch Latias (For details on the way to catch the other legendary without trading see PKMN.NET's page on Two Secret Islands). Yes, Latios and Latias are the joint second hardest Pokémon to capture on the games (Feebas is the hardest).

The bird of your version only appears in the wild after you have defeated the Pokémon League. They can appear anywhere, completely randomly throughout Hoenn. However, they cannot appear in caves or in the water. Every time you enter a house, a building, a cave or switch a route Latios/ Latias will change places randomly. This means that unless you still have some patience left over from Feebas, your first encounter with your bird will be completely by luck. Otherwise you can buy yourself loads of Max Revives and start looking. Your choice.

After what may be as long as an eternity and a day, you will eventually see Latios/ Latias. Now you have an added weapon in your quest for your bird: their current location will be shown on the AREA section under their name on the Pokédex.

Get ready for the bad news: running into Latios/ Latias is easier than capturing them. They are fast, and always run away from battle as soon as possible. Unless you have an unlimited supply of Master Balls (which of course you don't unless you're a cheater), you ain't gonna catch them on your first meeting. Unless of course you saved your Master Ball, in which case you might as well stop reading now. Otherwise it's time to do it the hard way. First purchase those tons of Max Repels- yes you still need them. Then place a Pokémon at the top of your party who:

If you have it, attach the Quick Claw to this Pokémon. Now use the area function to see where your bird is. Through luck you have to keep wondering around Hoenn and checking your Pokédex until you are both in the same place. Now use a Max Repel, so if you do get a battle it'll only be with Latios/ Latias. When you meet them, straight away try to put them to sleep. The outcome will be one of the following:

A. Latios/ Latias will be put to sleep.
B. Latios/ Latias will run before you even get the chance to attack.
C. You will attack first, but your sleep- inducing move will have no effect.
D. You use the wrong attack and the meeting is a complete disaster.

Before I hear any crappy jokes, no you can't use a lifeline. Hopefully, A will occur- Latios/ Latias will full asleep. If not, then they will run and it's time to start again...

But if they do full asleep, then start chipping away at the birds HP. Don't defeat it or it's back to step 1..... You have to get the bird to a sliver of health before you start chucking Ultra Balls at it. Remember, if Latias/ Latios escape, then they will keep the damage inflicted until you next meet them. In other words they won't heal themselves. Another technique in capturing them is to use an attack like Mean Look. These birds don't know how to use Roar so they'll stay in battle. Then put them to sleep and start chipping at the HP.

Remember, you'll only catch Latios/ Latias in your first day if you're EXTREMELY lucky!

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kanoinazuma on Sun 25 Oct 2009 21:13:54 UTC.
Just use Waboffet to keep latios/latias from running.
kjalabama on Sun 20 Jun 2010 05:45:07 UTC.
If i kills lati*s what happens then?? he dies forever or just finds an other place to be?.. and can "he" dissapear if i complete the league twice??
zoruark on Wed 27 Jul 2011 20:44:35 UTC.

would false swipe not be viable?
Tahmid ishraque on Fri 27 Dec 2013 07:22:20 UTC.
How can I get them both in pokemon ruby?
Tahmid ishraque on Thu 24 Dec 2015 08:33:04 UTC.
Feebas is the hardest,really?At the first time I played ruby,i got it easily.But now it looks really hard.....
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