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E-Reader Pokémon packs to add things to your Ruby & Sapphire games are now out in Japan. They can add things such as new berries or trainers.

Apparently, they can be bought for around 300 Yen (that's �1.50, or an amount in Dollars and Euros), and there are 54 different cards to collect. You get 9 in every pack- 8 trainers and 1 item.

Click here to find out how to access trainers.

Cards that contain trainers in this series, in Japan at least have a front and back looking like:

Front Back

Notice how the trainer back looks the same as the card that came free with Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire (in America). Two Pokémon are revealed, the third is secret.

As you can see above, in the game, the trainer transfers, is saved or something, you go to the house described in the other page, and there you go, a new trainer to fight.

Items are a whole different kettle of fish. Sort of. It starts off the same, but instead of going to a house to fight, you have to go and collect it from your father.

This is what the card looks like. (Source: Daily Telegraph) The transfer complete screen
Outside your dad's gym. Your dad, talking to you about the principals of socialism, and your item.

...and that's it, really. PKMN.NET will have more when we get more information.

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