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Gym #1

Location: Rustboro City
Type Used: Rock
Gym Leader: Roxanne
Gym Leaders Team: Geodude (Level 14), Nosepass (Level 15)
Rewards: Stone Badge (Raises Attack of Pokemon, Allows HM01 (Cut) to be used out of battle), TM39 (Rock Tomb)

This is gym is simple. Either travel right down the middle of the Gym, facing two battles along the way, or take the twisting path, avoiding the trainers. A Water or a Grass type is all you really need here. So if you chose Mudkip or Treecko this Gym should be pretty easy; Treecko learns it’s first Grass attack, Absorb at Level 6. Mudkips first Water attack, Water Gun is learned at Level 10. If however you chose to raise a Torchic, then keep it firmly inside it’s Pokeball! Instead, catch and train a Grass or Water type Pokemon from along the way, such as Wingull, Shroomish or Lotad (Sapphire Version only).

Gym #2

Location: Dewford Town
Type Used: Fighting
Gym Leader: Brawly
Gym Leaders Team: Machop (Level 17), Makuhita (Level 18)
Rewards: Knuckle (Makes Pokemon up to Level 30 obey you, Allows HM05 (Flash) to be used out of battle), TM 08 (Bulk Up)

The Dewford Town Gym is enshrouded with Darkness. The more trainers you defeat along the way to Brawly, the more light you get. In order to reach Brawly without battling any trainers along the way, follow this route:

Go upwards from the entrance and take the first right. Walk as far as you can go and battle the trainer (you cannot avoid this battle). Walk upwards and at the top turn left. Go upward as soon as you can, and continue to the top. Turn right and follow the path to Brawly.

To defeat Brawly, use Psychic or Flying types. If you caught a Ralts, Taillow or Wingull along the way, then this Gym should also be a doddle. I find that Wing Attack works very well here; both Wingull and Taillow learn it at Level 13. Alternatively, Ralts learns Confusion at Level 6. Which ever Pokemon you use, make sure it’s not a Normal type or uses Normal type attacks!

Gym #3

Location: Mauville City
Type Used: Electric
Gym Leader: Wattson
Gym Leaders Team: Magnemite (Level 22), Voltorb (Level 20), Magneton (Level 23)
Rewards: Dynamo Badge (Increases Speed of Pokemon, Allows you to use HM06 (Rock Smash) out of battle), TM34 (Shock Wave)

To get to Wattson, you have to get past both trainers and electrical fences, by both battling and standing on switches. You shouldn’t find it too much trouble to work your way to Wattson. Ground type moves are the best to use here, but because both Magnemite and Magneton are part Steel, you can also use Fire and Fighting type moves to good effect. Don’t use flying types here, and especially don’t use Wingull!

Gym #4

Location: Lavaridge Town
Type Used: Fire
Gym Leader: Flannery
Gym Leaders Team: Slugma (Level 26), Slugma (Level 26), Torkoal (Level 28)
Rewards: Heat Badge (Makes Pokemon up to Level 50 obey you, Allows you to use HM04 (Strength) out of battle), TM50 (Overheat)

The Lavaridge Gym is filled with a smoky haze that makes vision difficult. In addition, the Gym is divided up into many different rooms. Each room contains at least three holes; with one being the entrance, one being the exit and one being guarded by a trainer. To get to Flannery follow this guide:

Enter the Gym and go down the first hole. In the new room walk down the only other hole there is. Now take the top-left hole. Walk upwards and go down the next hole. In this new room, take the hole on the left-hand wall. Go through, and walk upwards to the next hole. In this room, use the hole at the top-right. Walk right to the next hole. In this room, take the hole at the bottom left. Walk downward to the next hole and go through it. It should take you to the Gym Leaders Room.

To escape, simply take the only other hole there is in the Gym Leaders room. Walk all the way down, over the ledge, and take the first hole on the left.

Use Water, Ground and Rock type moves to help you defeat Flannery. I recommend having a supply of Revives and Super Potions at the ready, because Torkoals Overheat is lethal. Also, watch out for her supply of Potions!

Gym #5

Location: Petalburg City
Type Used: Normal
Gym Leader: Norman
Gym Leaders Team: Slaking (Level 28), Vigoroth (Level 30), Slaking (Level 31)
Rewards: Balance Badge (Increases Defense of Pokemon, Allows you to use HM03 (Surf) out of battle), TM 42 (Façade)

The trainers of the Gym focus on using items in battle rather than types.

T6 T7
T3 T4 T5
T1 T2

There are 7 trainer battles along the way, and in order to get to Norman (aka Dad); you have to battle at least 3 of them. In the grid above, each letter means a room. E= Entrance, T= Trainer battle, and X is where your Dad is. Like I said, each trainer uses a specific item to help them. The items used are:

T1= X Speed, T2= X Accuracy, T3= Guard Spec, T4= X Defense, T5= Potions, T6= X Attack, T7= Dire Hit

In order to defeat your Dad use Fighting type moves. Slaking has the highest attack in the game, but only attacks once every two turns. Your Dad’s Slakings like using Focus Punch, so by attacking with a good Fighting type move every go, the HP should go down pretty quick. Vigoroth however, can attack every turn. Yet again a good Fighting type move should do the job. Beware of your Dad’s large supply of Potions!

Gym #6

Location: Fortree City
Type Used: Flying
Gym Leader: Winona
Gym Leaders Team: Swellow (Level 31), Pelipper (Level 30), Skarmory (Level 32), Altaria (Level 33)
Rewards: Feather Badge (Makes Pokemon up to Level 70 obey you, Allows you to use HM02 (Fly) out of battle, TM40 (Aerial Ace)

The Fortree Gym is very complicated. There are four trainers along the way, and no way to avoid any of them. Some very tricky doors block the path to the Gym Leader. To get to Winona:

As soon as you enter the Gym walk right. The first door is so easy- just walk right through it. Keep going right and you’ll face your first trainer battle. Continue right and push the second gate. Take one step to the right and then one step up. You’ll now battle the second trainer. Take one step to the left and push the door down. Now just walk around the door. Continue upwards and push the door on the left upwards. Walk right and push the second door. Walk around the wall and back to the door on the left. Push it up and then take one step left, followed by one step down. Push the door to the right, and then take the step down. The door should now be in the same position as when you first started. Walk around the wall and through the second door. Continue along the path and face the third trainer battle. After that, walk upward and right to the next set of doors. This time, walk right and push the door so it makes an “L” shape. Take one step right and walk upwards. Go right again and push this door. Take one step right, one step up and one step left. Push the door down. Now walk right, walking around the door. You’ll face your fourth trainer battle. Continue left and push the only door you haven’t yet touched downwards. Now walk around the wall to the first door you touched and push it up. Two of the door should now make a square shape. Continue upwards and push the other door right. Walk around it and follow the path to the Gym Leader. To escape, simply walk directly down form the Gym Leader, and jump over the ledges.

In order to defeat Winona, you need an Electric type, or a good Electric attack. You’ll also need a good Ice-type attack for her Altaria. Rock type attacks can also deal some damage. You can also remember that all of Winona’s Pokemon are dual types, so take that into consideration.

Gym #7

Location: Mossdeep City
Type Used: Psychic
Gym Leaders: Liza and Tate
Gym Leaders Team: Lunatone (Level 42) and Solrock (Level 42)
Rewards: Mind Badge (Increases Special Attack and Special Defense of Pokemon, Allows you to use HM08 (Dive) out of battle), TM04 (Calm Mind)

Oh great… another hard Gym to work your way around. To get to the two Gym Leaders:

As you enter the Gym, walk directly upwards and pull the switch on the left. Walk back down again, and walk onto the path on the left. The path will take you to a trainer battle. Once you’ve finished the battle, take the path pointing upwards. You’ll face another trainer battle. Walk left and pull the switch. Then take the path pointing downwards back. Then walk to the bottom left hand corner and step onto the path pointing right. This time walk back towards the door but take the path on the right. As soon as the ride is over take one step to the left. You’ll face another trainer battle. Pull the switch directly above you. Take the path directly to the right of the switch. When it stops take a step downward onto the next path. Go upward after you get off the path and pull the switch (the trainer battle is optional). Now go back down and take the path pointing downwards. Go back towards the door but this time take the path on the left again. The path should take you directly to the Gym Leaders. To exit the Gym, just step on the button to the right of the Gym Leaders and it will teleport you back to near the door.

This is the first and only 2-on-2 Gym Leader battle. Use Water and Dark Types to make your life easy. Carvanha and its evolve Sharpedo, can do wonders here. If you have one, teach it Surf. Now, not only will the Opponent’s Psychic attacks have no effect, but Surf will attack both Pokemon in one move, and also be Super Effective! Use another Water/ Dark type for your second Pokemon.

Gym #8

Location: Sootopolis City
Type Used: Water
Gym Leader: Wallace
Gym Leaders Team: Luvdisc (Level 40), Whiscash (Level 42), Sealeo (Level 40), Seaking (Level 42), Milotic (Level 43)
Rewards: Rain Badge (Makes all Pokemon obey you, Allows you to use HM07 (Waterfall) out of battle), TM 03 (Water Pulse)

How nice, another hard Gym. This Gym has two floors; the top one covered in thin ice, and the bottom one littered with trainers. Depending on how quick you are, you may not need to battle any trainers here. The top floor has three ices patches, growing in size as you progress. Immediately below the ice patches, are patches of land with trainers on them. The first patch has 2 trainers, as does the second patch. The last patch however, contains 4 trainers.

To get across the ice patches, you have to step on every patch of ice, finishing up on the one in front of the ramp, which will turn into some stairs if you succeed. To get to Wallace, follow the following guide:

Patch 1

Step onto the first bit of ice, and quickly step: Right, Up, Left, Left, Up, Right.

Patch 2

Step onto the first bit of ice and quickly step: Left, Left, Left, Up, Up, Right, Right, Down, Right, Right, Right, Down, Right, Up, Up, Left, Left, Left.

Patch 3

Step onto the first bit of ice and quickly step: Right, Right, Up, Right, Right, Down. Right, Up, Up, Up, Left, Left, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Down, Left, Left, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Left, Up, Left, Up, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up, Right.

To defeat Wallace, use Electric and Grass type Pokemon and moves. Luvdisc, Seaking, and Milotic are all pure Water types, so Electricity is the best type to use. Sealeo is Ice/ Water, so yet again use Electric on Sealeo. Whiscash however, is part Ground, so Electric attacks won’t work. You can make up for this by using Grass type attacks, which will do 4x the damage. If you manage to defeat Wallace, then with a bit of training, you will be ready to take on the Pokemon League!

Thanks to Typhlosion for this!

Page written by Psythor.

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sum sei that in Emerald gym 8 is different. if that is true, please put something up about it.
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the 7th gym is the hardest
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no its not
hermesguy on Thu 26 May 2011 19:04:13 UTC.

In Emerald, Wallace is promoted, and replaced by Juan, another Water-type trainer (and Wallace's mentor!).
Za_PokeMaster on Thu 17 Nov 2011 04:28:04 UTC.
Thank you for the tips it really helped me out to winning the game!
Za_PokeMaster on Sat 19 Nov 2011 17:42:56 UTC.
Thank you for the tips it really helped me out to winning the game!