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I thought I'd compare the French Tazo's to the ones we can get...

Here is the front of the Tazo's. You can't really see here, but the French version is not lenticular. That means you don't see different pictures from different angles. Its just the one. Obviously, the text is in French. Wobbuffet is called Qulbutoke. The name and number is in white. Thats about all.

Here is the backs, which is probably the strangest part. The logo's are smaller, with the tazo 'slamming' at a different angle and is a darker blue. Just before the middle of the Pokéball it says "Attrapez-les tours!", which means "Gotta catch 'em all". The seal of approval appears to be slightly smaller and the walkers logo is replaced by the Cheetos one. Now the hilarious bit: It says "BAT", which implies that as the Pokémon's type. There is a grey rounded crecent under, with a purple and black circle. Under it says "COMBAT", (literal translation: Fights. Meaning fighting") and the other one "POISON" all in comic sans actually... It says the number is 75, which I do not think there is a Tazo as high as 75 (unless this proves me wrong), and Pokémon number 75 (old Pokédex) is Graveler! Steffan assures me there is no Fighting and Poison Pokémon... I don't know...

To your left is the much talked about (on PKMN.NET anyway), Entei tazo. Nobody was sure whether it was the secret Tazo Walkers had on their site. These later turned out to be special editions... I originally got this idea when a school idiot showed me it...

Page written by Psythor.

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Deathmore on Mon 14 Jan 2008 21:39:39 UTC.
wow no pictures,amazing. -_-