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Page by Psythor, pictures from the Walkers website.

Want to find out which Tazo's you need, and to a certain extent, how many more bags of crisps you need to buy? Just look at this handy-dandy checklist:

01 Ash
02 Pikachu
03 Elekid
04 Chikorita
05 Bellossom
06 Sunflora
07 Cyndaquil
08 Totodile
09 Marill
10 Wooper
11 Slowking
12 Sentret
13 Noctowl
14 Togepi
15 Snubbull
16 Quagsire
17 Blissey
18 Ledyba
19 Heracross
20 Hoppip
21 Sudowoodo
22 Wobuffet
23 Lugia
24 Gligar
25 Donphan
These next lot are new Tazo's, and feature even more Pokémon. They were released a few months after the original promotion because it was so successful.
26 Meganium
27 Typhlosion
28 Feraligatr
29 Pichu
30 Girafig
31 Jumpluff
32 Cleffa
33 Igglybuff
34 Hitmontop
35 Ho-Oh
Where's Entei gone? We've discovered its from an American set of Tazo's, so go to the foreign page!
These special edition Tazo's are inserted into fewer packs than ordinary ones, this makes them harder to get. There are 3 overall
? Girafig
? Spinarak
? Ursaring

Page written by Psythor.

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Jason, the master of charizard's on Fri 12 Oct 2007 19:07:44 UTC.
umm this is kinda unhealthy dont you think eating all those crisps just for that by the way 1st comment mwa
pun on Sat 20 Oct 2007 09:42:21 UTC.
i remember those...i think I still have them somewhere
Charey06 on Sat 01 Dec 2007 19:48:54 UTC.
i still have mine i remember tham i used to get them when i was eight