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Battle Dome: This facility is the home of the Battle Tourney, a four-tier elimination championship. Participants select three Pokémon before entering the tournament. Before the battle begins, the participant selects two from the Pokémon they have and enters battle. If the battle is drawn, the referee will decide the winner. The Frontier Brain for this facility is Dome Ace Tucker; to face him the first time around you have to have won the title four previous times, and to face him again requires nine previous consecutive titles.

Battle Pike (Battle Tube): This is the home to Battle Choice. Battle Choice is a test of endurance that joins together luck and strength. When you start, you are given three directions in which to go, and one room can be determined from what the maidservant will tell you:

Each run through the Battle Pike takes up 14 rooms. You will run into the Frontier Brain, Pike Queen Lucy, once in the twenty-eighth room and again in the 140th room.

Battle Arena: This is home to Set KO Tourney. You will choose three Pokémon and face seven trainers in which you will engage in battles that take up three turns. You may not switch Pokémon. When turn three ends, the combatants will be judged according to the number of offensive moves used, the number of hits landed, and the amount of HP left. A red ring represents an advantage, a black X represents a disadvantage, and a blue triangle means that area is drawn. The loser retires. If the battle is drawn, both Pokémon retire. The Frontier Brain is Greta, whom you’ll face after 27 battles and again after 55.

Battle Factory: In Battle Swap, you are presented with six Pokémon and must pick three out of them to use. You will face seven trainers in a row. Between battles you will be able to trade in one of your Pokémon for one used by your opponent, although you will not be able to see its stats. The Frontier Brain is Noland, who challenges you in battle 21 and again in battle 42.

Battle Pyramid: The objective of Battle Quest is to traverse through seven floors of Pokémon. Before you enter, you must remove all held items from your Pokémon and surrender your Bag. You will be given a Battle Bag for use in the Battle Quest. Items in the Battle Bag will be carried over after you successfully reach the top of the Pyramid, but the Battle Bag will be emptied if you lose. There are Trainers that can tell you the location of the exit, how many items remain on the floor, or how many Trainers there are left to defeat if you defeat them (they only have one Pokémon). The Frontier Brain is Brandon, who’ll meet you on top on your third time and again on your fifth.

Battle Palace: Here, your Pokémon will battle on its own accord. The attacks it will use depend on its nature, and it may be rendered incapable of attacking if it doesn’t like them. Sometimes their nature forces them to change their method of attacking if they become seriously hurt. Below is a chart showing such preferences; dark red indicates strong dislike, red indicates dislike, white indicates indifference, lime indicates liking, and dark green indicates strong liking. The rightmost column tells you the method it will revert to if its HP falls to one third of its maximum. The girl in the longhouse north of the palace can give you a good description of your Pokémon’s abilities. The Frontier Brain is Palace Maven Spencer, who’ll test you after 20 battles and again after 41.

Battle Tower: Finally, we have the family favourite, the Battle Tower. The Battle Tower consists of four modes: Single Battle, Double Battle, Tag Team, and Link Tag Team. In the Tag Team mode, you can select a partner from the salon. The partners you can have get stronger as your progress continues. In Link Tag Team, you can partner up with a friend and battle as usual, but you will not be able to rest. The Frontier Brain is Anabel, who’ll appear in Single Battle after 34 battles and again after 69.

General restrictions: In any battles that allow, your Pokémon must be of different species and no two may hold the same item. Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-oh, Celebi, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi, and Deoxys cannot enter. In Level 50 modes you may have no Pokémon above level 50, although neither will your opponents. In Open Level modes, your opponents’ Pokémon will be at level 60, or the level of your strongest Pokémon, whichever is higher. Items from the Bag cannot be used.

Symbols: Defeating a Factory Brain will result in a Symbol being awarded. Silver Symbols are awarded for the first battle won and Gold Symbols are awarded once you defeat them a second time. If you have collected all seven Silver Symbols, you can talk to Scott and he’ll give you the Lansat Berry. You can also go to the building below the Battle Pyramid and engage in a battle tournament to double your Battle Points. Win all the Gold Symbols and Scott will give you a Starf Berry and your Trainer Card will be upgraded.

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