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Let's see, a guide to the Battle Frontier, eh?

Let us start with a little FAQ.

"Hey, 16bit, what's the Battle Frontier?"
It's like a battle themed theme park. With battles. You can challenge the Frontier Brains, so that you can win Battle Points (BP) and buy stuff for those points. Kewl, no? Also, it's a good place to test out your POKéMON and stuff. And you can catch a Sudowoodo and meet wild Smeargle's (more on that later). Also, there are Move Tutors, like those in FR/LG, but you need BP's to make a use of those. And shops where you can buy.. stuff. Yeah.

"Okay, then, how do I get to the Battle Frontier?"
Well, after you beat the Elite Four for the first time, you'll end up in your own home when turning on the game. When you go downstairs, your Dad will give your the S.S. Tidal ticket. A little later, you'll get a call from Scott who wants to meet you on the ship. Go to the Lilycove or Slateport City docks, and board the ship to some random destination. On board, you'll meet Scott who'll tell you about the Battle Frontier before leaving. After you get to the desired destination, you will be able to choose to sail to the Battle Frontier from the ship.

"And who are the Frontier Brains?"
The Frontier Brains are like.. Gym leaders..! There are seven of them in the Battle Frontier. They all keep place in each of the seven different facilities. After you get a certain amount of wins in a facility, a Frontier Brain will challenge you. The first time you beat a Frontier Brain, you'll receive a Silver Symbol. Then you'll have to beat the facility another amount of times, and the Frontier Brains will challenge you again. If you win, you'll receive a Gold Badge. Get all eight Silver Symbols and Gold Badges, and Scott will give you a prize. Hallelujah.

"I see. Can you explain more about the different Frontier Brains?"
Sure! But first, let me explain the basic rules for all the facilities:

"Amazing. But can you explain about the different Frontier Brains now?"
Yeah, yeah, whatever:

We'll start with the Battle Tower. That's the very large building in the top-middle part of the Battle Frontier. It has many windows. Din knows why.

This place is kinda like the Battle Tower from R/S. The Frontier Brain here is called Salon Maiden Anabel. She'll challenge you for the Silver Badge after five rounds, and for the Gold Badge after 10 rounds. But remember, that just like in all the other facilities, the Pokémon you battle gets tougher, the further you get. Yeah.

And there's more. In the far left of the Tower's inside stands a trainer. This trainer will become your apprentice, if you want them to. Just treat them nicely. The apprentice will ask you some questions everyday on how to change their team. The apprentice will most likely ask you:

After answering those questions, the apprentice will run away screaming. Well, no. They'll just leave quietly. Then, the next day, you'll find a new apprentice, and the process begins again. After you have helped out each apprentice, you'll encounter them in a Battle Tower challenge. It could be as an opponent, or as a team mate in the Battle Salon challenge. And remember that they'll use the advise you gave them. Woo, scary. It's like they're mindless AI's or something.

And now for the Battle Dome. That's the very large white building-thingy in the top-left of the Battle Frontier. Here, the Frontier Brain, Dome Superstar Tucker, will challenge you for the Silver Symbol after 5 rounds, and for the Gold Badge after 10 rounds. This place is a tournament, like the Pokémon League in the anime. The rules here are simple. Before each tournament, you have to pick three Pokémon. Then, before each match, you can view your next opponents data, such as what Pokémon their using, their strongest stats, and the moves they used to beat the previous opponent. Make good use of that information. OR YOU'LL DIE. Maybe. You then have to pick two of your three Pokémon to battle with against that opponent. Remember to pick the ones that covers both the opponents and your own Pokémon's weaknesses. Yay, go you.

Also, there's this place called the Battle Palace. It's this fancy-looking building in the lower-right of the island. It's not in the upper-right, as some people might expect a fancy-looking building to be. Silly Nintendo. The Frontier Brain here is Palace Maven Spencer. He'll challenge you for the Silver Symbol after 3 rounds, and for the Gold Symbol after 6 rounds.

The rules for battling here are different. As usual, you pick three of those of your Pokémon you wanna battle with. But now's when it gets different. When you battle, you can't choose what moves your Pokémon use. The only thing you can do, is switching Pokémon. Your Pokémon will chose one of its attacks, based on their nature. For example, an Adamant natured Pokémon might use one attack very often, but it won't be good at using other moves. Also, when your Pokémon is low on health, it will panic, and start using a different move than normally. If you want to know how your Pokémon will battle, talk to the little girl in the far right of the small, long, red building to the left of the Battle Palace.

Now we're at the dojo-look-alike building right above the Battle Palace. Let's call it the Battle Arena. Someone who doesn't know who the Frontier Brain here is, must be very silly. But in case we got some silly people here, the Frontier Brain is called Arena Captain Greta. She'll challenge you for the Silver Symbol after 4 rounds, and for the Gold Symbol after 8 rounds. This facility is a very fun one, if not a little difficult. Here, you will be judged on how you're battling. And you're not allowed to switch Pokémon. Evil. (Note that moves such as BATON PASS won't work here.)

After picking the team you wanna use, you'll fight seven battles per round. When both trainers Pokémon are sent out, the battle will be announced. The match must last only three turns, and if you win, you'll go on to the next opponent, but if either Pokémon hasn't been KO'd after the three rounds, the battle will be judged on the following:

A win gives you 2 points, a draw will give you 1 point, and you'll get 0 points for a loss. The Pokémon who gets the lowest score loses, no matter what. It won't even work if you yell really, really loud. But if it's a tie, then both Pokémon will magically faint at the judge's decision. When the fainted Pokémon has been replaced by another Pokémon from yours and the opponents team, the three turns will begin again. This will go on, until someone loses.

And then for the Battle Factory, the spiffy-looking yellow (yes, yellow!) building at the lower-left part of the Battle Frontier. Here, Factory Head Noland will challenge you for the Silver Symbol after 3 rounds, and for the Gold Badge after 6 rounds. In the Battle Factory, at the start of each round, you are given a selection of six random Pokémon. You are free to look up their stats, and then you can choose three of those Pokémon. A Factory worker will give you some information about your opponents Pokémon 's type, and battle style. Here's what the guy means when he says stuff:

The battles are.. Normal, as battles normally are. But when you win, you are allowed to trade in one of your Pokémon for one of your opponents Pokémon. On your final match you won't be given the choice of trading Pokémon, and when you take a new challenge, you'll be using a new random set of rental Pokémon.

This Frontier also got a giant Seviper statue. As expected. When you enter the Seviper's mouth, you'll enter the Battle Pike. Pike Queen Lucy is the queen here. She'll challenge you for the Silver Symbol after 2 rounds, and for the Gold Bagde after 10 rounds. The main thing you need here is luck. And a towel. This place consists of 14 rooms with three doors in each room. All you gotta do is to choose the right door. They all lead to the same place, but you might meet someone behind the door. Someone.. evil...! But you can meet friendly people too. And people who'll challenge you to a battle. You never know... Well, you can guess it by talking to the attendant near the doors. She'll say some intriguing stuff, but I'll 'translate' it:

Enjoy.. Mwahhahahaha...!

A-hem. Lastly, we got the Battle Pyramid. It's the building in the upper-right corner of the Battle Frontier that looks like a pyramid, surprisingly enough. The Pyramid King Brandon lives here. At the top. Must be a very cold place to live. Atleast he got time to challenge you for the Silver Symbol after 3 rounds, and for the Gold Badge after 10 rounds. This pyramid thingy is just like a maze. Which it is. And it's dark here too. You have to go thru 7 floors, looking for a blue tile, that'll take you to the next floor. The mazes are randomly generated, so you can't get any maps for it. But hey, atleast you get to keep those items you find around for the next challenges. Yeah, there's not much more to say about this place. Just keep looking for the blue tile systematically, and beat up the trainers, because they might tell you where the tile is. Oh, and when you beat a trainer, your vision gets expanded n'stuff. So that you can see a little more. Just like in Dewford Gym.

That's about it.

"Thanks 16bit. But what about all the other places in the Battle Frontier?"
Well, let's see...

We got Scott�s house. That's where Scott lives. His house is just to the right of the Battle Dome. When you talk to him for the first time in that house, he'll give you some BP's. Also, he'll give you some other prizes:

I think he likes you.

We got a Sudowoodo. Just to the right of the Battle Palace, is some water. Surf over to the other side of that water, and walk around to find a strange tree. LAWL, DEY STOL DAT FROM G/S/C!!1 A-hem. Use your Wailmer Pail on it, and it'll engage in battle. It's level 40. Oh, and be sure to save before battling it, in case you faint it.

And there's a secret cave too. You can find that cave right after you got rid of the Sudowoodo as mentioned above. You just gotta surf down the waterfall, head to the far left, and enter the cave that you'll see. Incase you have your eyes open. In that cave (called the Artisian Cave), you can find 3012 wild Smeargles. No more than that. If you get to the end of the cave, you'll end up near the Battle Tower. For no reason at all.

After you've won at least 3 of the Frontier badges, you'll be able to gamble. Legally. You'll be able to bet on challenges in the little red house under the Battle Pyramid. Everyday, a d00d will tell you which facility you can bet on. You'll be able to bet 5, 10 or 15 BP's on each visit. If you win, you will get twice what you bet.

Aaand, there's an old man in a house just above the Pokémon CENTER who'll tell you about your Pokémon�s IV's. He'll tell you the Pokémon�s overall ability, its best aspect, and how good its best aspect.

Well, yeah. That's kinda it. If there's more missing, I'll add it.

Thank you, and may Din be with you. *bows*

HUGE thanks to 16bit for both this and the map!

Page written by Psythor.

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Sizacu on Mon 23 Apr 2007 18:47:44 UTC.
I was wondering where to get to the gambling house!
kekisheep on Sat 16 Jun 2007 01:40:10 UTC.
i didnt even know there was a gambling house! hah, surprise there. and my head did inflate and blow up in the pike, just in case you were wondering. not really.
Killer101 on Tue 11 Dec 2007 00:07:18 UTC.
i want more pictures
Killer101 on Tue 11 Dec 2007 00:22:03 UTC.
which is the easyest place to beat?
Killer101 on Tue 11 Dec 2007 00:23:05 UTC.
just to tell pple try the pike with flygon and latios, their the best. I beat iton myfirst turn but give flygon earthquake and latios thunder or thunderbolt.
Laprabi on Thu 27 Mar 2008 18:22:24 UTC.
Do you have to do them in order? I hope not...
I want Celebi on Sat 07 Jun 2008 13:01:17 UTC.
you don't need to do it in any order. I found Pike the easiest/quickest to achieve, although it is lots of luck! This is the only place where I recommend you have a cleric/healer - for those nasty people whom cause status conditions without even battling!