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With Emerald comes a whole new load of stuff, even the smaller details most people won’t know about, in this you will learn how to use these to your advantage.

Breeding: Breeding is now twice as fast as it was in RS! How you ask? Simple, firstly deposit the two Pokemon you want to breed in the Pokemon center, Then put a Pokemon with Magma Armour or Flame Body in your party, having these either one of these in your party will reduce the egg’s hatching time by half. Combine this with the Mach Bike’s speed, makes egg hatching less of a chore.

Another helpful addition, is to pass down natures from the mother or Ditto (Which can be found in the Fossil’s Maniac’s tunnel he digs after the Elite Four). Equipped an ever stone to the said Pokemon (These can be found of wild Geodudes) and the offspring has a50% of having the same nature.

Mass-selection: Remember in Pokemon box you could select a group of Pokemon at a time? You can on Emerald too. By pressing select when you’re looking in one of your Pokemon PC boxes, the hand will turn yellow, press L and it will create a box which you can drag over your Pokemon to ‘pick’ them all up at the same time, you can move them into other boxes more easily this way. Remember though, Pokemon can’t over lap other Pokemon.

Abilities now have an out-of-battle effect, having these first in your party will trigger events that will make the field slightly different.
White Smoke – wild Pokemon Battle less common. Static – Electric Pokemon more common Keen Eye & Intimidate- Level Pokemon are less common. Arena Trap & Pressure – Wild Pokemon more common Hustle & Vital Sprit – High Level Pokemon are more common Sand Veil – Pokemon less common in a Sandstorm. Useful If one wants to visit the desert to look for Regirock with minimal hassle. Magnet Pull – Steel types are more common. Compound eyes – Pokemon holding items are more common. Useful if you want to get Heart Scales from Luvdisc. Teach Thief to Butterfree and it should help you a lot. Swam – Makes the out-of-battle cries can be heard more. Nothing more than an Easter Egg. Hyper Cutter – Cut’s range is increased. Lighting Rod – You will receive more Phone Calls. Synchronize: Pokemon with the same Nature as your Pokemon are more common. Cute Charm: Pokemon with the opposite gender are more common. Suction Cup and Sticky Hold: Wild Pokemon won’t be able to Roar or Whirlwind you out of Battle.

It’s good to watch TV, or on Emerald it is, because sometimes you’ll sometimes see these announcements.
”An outbreak of [Pokemon] have been reported on [route]”
This simply means the said Pokemon is INCREDIABLY common for the day.
“The Energy Guru has said he will give bargains in [Number of days]”
When that day comes, The Guru will sell vitamins for half price all day long. This is incredibly useful if you’re EV training Pokemon and are a bit short on cash.
“The Game Corner’s service day!”
You will have much more luck in the Game Corner.
”The Berry Master will be in Lillycove.”
A new one. The Berry Master is a SUPER blender, who, never, ever misses the target. He will make your berries AMAZING.
“Lillycove is having a sale!”
On the day, go up to the roof and there will be a single salesclerk who sells you rare items like dolls.

Page written by Psythor.

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on Wed 18 Jul 2007 20:45:34 UTC.
in the battle frontier, a girl asks you to trade a meowth for a skitty. when i watched the tv they said there were more skitty than usual. i waz lucky that day!!!
espeon32 on Fri 03 Aug 2007 00:48:53 UTC.
nice... this is really helpful! im glad i found this site!
Laprabi on Sat 29 Mar 2008 13:39:52 UTC.
Berry Master stuff is true, i've done it.