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This starts out like the other Pokémon adventures, you fill in your name and are taken to Dr Mason's Lab. Here you must sit through a tutorial game, even if you are world champion and could tell a cards artist when it was turned upside-down. After winning, you will receive a deck, either Bulbasaur and friends, Squirtle and friends or even Charmander and friends.

From here, you have to know win medals from the different clubs.


Final Scores

Graphics: 8
Even though this game is colour, only about 4 colours have been used on each individual card.

Sound: 7
There is only 1 piece of background music, which can get annoying. The battle music is the same, except when you are fighting a club leader

Is it fun to play? (Game Play): 9.5
VERY addictive! I stayed up until 11:30 playing this... It can be annoying when you have a bad deck, but if you have a good deck, it is brilliant!

Replay Value: 8
I completed the game in 3 days. With no cheating or walkthrough. Now I only need about 10 cards to complete everything. The annoying thing is you do not know where to find the cards you need.


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Richard and Blaziken op za 01 mei 2010 20:46:39 UTC.
I love this game. I have played through it from beginning to end about 50 times, and it still has replay value. An amazing game, especially if you were part of the Pokemon Card craze when the first sets were first released. =)