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The COMPLETE Trainer Guide is a downloadable Trainer Guide program for use with any Windows computer. The aim of this program is to supply the user with as much information as possible about Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Pokémon Colosseum and now Emerald, in a easy-to-use form. This does not include any information already included in the Pkmndex, but expands on it. You use the Pkmndex to find out what moves a Pokémon learns, then you can switch straight to the COMPLETE Trainer Guide to see information about that move. This is a step up from the RS Trainer guide as this includes Colosseum, Fire Red and Leaf Green data as well as the original Ruby ans Sapphire data. The MoveDex, ItemDex, BerryDex and Breeding section have all been updated and is you can now search for any move, using any criteria you want! For example you want a Fire move that has an attack strength of 150, then the MoveDex will find you Eruption and Blast Burn!

This program mimics the databases of moves, items and berrys that you find at the back of any good strategy guide. This is a stand-alone program and does not need a browser or anything similar. The only other place to find this information offline is to go and buy a strategy guide, which may be harder to use than this program. Nowhere else than here on Pokemon UK can you find a program to use when you are offline. All the information you want from a strategy guide at your fingertips in an easy-to-use form.

What does it cost? The program is downloadable for free! Just follow the download link, and you'll be ready in no-time.

Currently available is version 1.1.0 This version contains all data on:

This all combined with an easy-to-use HCI (Human Computer Interface) like a standard Windows Program.

Download the COMPLETE Trainer Guide now!

Although this is a full release, we would still appreciate any comments, errors, and bugs you have to report to me. The program should theoretically work on any system that runs Windows 95 or higher. If it doesnt work on a certain operating system please help by pointing it out to me. My thanks to:


Page written by Psythor.

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on Mon 18 Jun 2007 10:38:13 UTC.
i got onto contest moves i went to find move and tried faint attack and then something came up and said error and went back to the page before then i tried absorb the same happen. so does anyone konw if i'm doing anything wrong
Laprabi on Sat 23 Feb 2008 20:19:15 UTC.
something like that happened to me too.