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Pokémon, Pokémon,
Its all about the challenges,
Its a brand new game and a brand new world
New rivals, as you fight for survival
Nothing can stop you Diamond and Pearl
Its all about the battle
You've gotta play smart,
You've gotta move faster
Behind every win there's a chance to begin again,
You've gotta take it all if you want to be a MASTER,
Pokémon, Pokémon,
Its time for adventure, Diamond and Pearl
We can change the world

Thanks to Lv100 Kyogre for this!

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The Librarian op vr 04 mei 2007 18:51:18 UTC.
By Me!! Is proud.
op wo 09 mei 2007 11:11:14 UTC.
but you didn't make it up though its on the tv
Bestie563 op za 12 mei 2007 14:26:17 UTC.
upatreetreeko op wo 30 mei 2007 16:23:23 UTC.
I know I put it here coz PKMN Net didn't LOL
The Librarian op do 31 mei 2007 09:29:44 UTC.
Didn't what? Those lyrics are on the site aswell if thats what you mean. Look on the right hand taskbar and click on Pokémon Battle Frontier.
coolkeelan op ma 06 aug 2007 09:14:22 UTC.
thanks you rock!
Bestie563 op zo 12 aug 2007 14:38:36 UTC.
i saw this on holiday
BlackStatic op ma 01 okt 2007 08:15:41 UTC.
not as good as the japanese intro.....