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Why, my, it's practically a little kid. Spawned from the mighty sea... Oh, yeah, it's a +3 website, isn't it? Hmm...

Many of you may not know that this is not my first account on this website.. in fact it's more like sixteenth or seventeenth. Maybe even more.. who knows? I can't remember what I did yesterday anymore.. it's what happens when you grow of age. Enough about me though, you don't want an essay of me overglorifying myself.. Or do you? =)

So's celebrating it's birthday? Eighth you say? Doesn't seem like yesterday that I stumbled upon it as a greasy-haired teen (some things never change ��), definately not five years ago when I did. Anyway, back on track.. when I first joined I can remember being instantly terrified by a member called Joeno, sadly it wasn't until a few months later that I realised just why people, as well as I, were scared of him.

It all started, for me, a day about 5 years ago when I decided to explore what the modem on the back of my computer just exactly was. Upon sticking it into the phone-line, I was instantly introduced to the world of the Internet. Naturally, I opened up a search engine and typed in 'porn'. My parents were not amused at the websites I was linked to. Oh, you wouldn't believe the filth I was given URLs for. Maybe some of you will.. but definately not you. Yes, you. After having fun on eBay searching up some horrid items like "poo", I did possibly the dumbest thign I could have ever done; I searched for 'Pokemon UK'. I had heard of the website through a Pokemon magazine (Pokemon World, I think it could have been) and I was eager to see what all the fuss was about. The page loaded, oh how I had fun waiting for such a website to load on Dial-Up, but when it had fully loaded, I was exposed to something far beyond what I had expected.

Due to me being known to my peers as 'Captain Innuendo', I feel like I should use such a reference right now to describe what it was like. You know the first time you watch TV and see two people 'hugging' in such a way that they both rapidly and constantly assure each other that they're having a good time? Oh you do? It was NOTHING like that. =D From what I can remember (please excuse me, I've come to find that if I remember exactly where I left my keys the day prior, I'm doing well), my initial thoughts of the forums were 'Oh, this looks interesting'. It wasn't. =P

*Editorial Edit* On a serious note, was nothing like what I expected it to be like.. far better than that. Thanks - Jeroen =P

One of my earliest memories on was of Golden Misdreavus's (Rex for all you young people!) rise from being a member to becoming a Global Moderator, as well as the whole 'Muuma Army' craze. I believe I met a lot of my oldest friends through there.. either that or EmpireIRC. I don't know exactly what attracted me to wanting to join the 'fad' or whatever you hip youngsters call it these days, quite possibly the big image of a Misdreavus in several members signatures. Being the wide eyed innocent boy that I was (pre-Corruption you see <3), I instantly thought to getting one and PMed Rex to ask him how to get such a signature. He didn't reply. I was rather upset and left the website for a day in my sadness. (Cue the sad music that we always hear when someone recites their lifestory on a website.. what do you mean this is the first?!) I think the craze actually died down a while after.. I'm not too sure. I don't think I was ever officially part of the craze, who knows? It was such a long time ago. Many braincells have died through an over-abundance of playing games. Yes, that's what I've been doing too much of.. oO

Upon my very first days on - excuse me if I say PUK during this lifestory, it was called that back then (now feels like he's a pensioner in a OAP home now <3) - I found myself trying out all the different boards; Role Play, Sprite Art, Team Building etc, and I eventually found a 'home' for myself in the Random Randomness board, although I soon changed to the Team Building board after I realised that you get posts in the Random Randomness board that actually require some thought (Damn you Psythor and your Politics! :P). So there I was, a couple of months into my life on this forum and I was being introduced to the dizzy heights of becoming a Team Builder. Hell, I was even recommended to get a program called 'Netbattle'. Whatever next?

I was content at first, slowly getting to know the members apart from each other. I was beginning to understand that we were supposed to suck up to the Admins rather than insult them, but I never really got the hang of that (you'll soon see). It was round about this time that I 'met' Lottie and Jasper. Jasper was insane and Lottie was cute; what else could you ask for in friends? Anyway, back to being a Team Builder.. After a couple of months of being a Team Builder, I began talking to Muhed (I still call him Ikey at times, bless), DanDan, Roman and Raph (Pokella). This was it, I was having an impact on the forum. My posts were starting to make sence, people were starting to realise that I was a person and not a chav (my grammar still hasn't improved from those days). I even managed to set up a Netbattle tournament that 16 members on the website partcipitated in; even Joeno and Typhlosion entered - they weren't any good though =P. Naturally Dan got knocked out rather early and I followed. The final consisted of Raph and Roman; the latter who was a rather awesome Team Builder albeit far too cool for my liking; he had an eyebrow piercing for flips sake! =P

Then, the trouble started. I started to become rebellous, you know the type; not really obeying what was Rule 20 back then, not finishing my sentences with a fullstop, not giving people the best of advice when it came to their teams. I was a disgrace! It started with me creating a 'Leaving Topic', one of which actually brought me and Rex 'together' in terms of friendship. Oh you know, the old story; man swears at man, man offers man a drink, man ends up in a bed he's not been in before with a cow between the other man. I even went as far as swearing at Joeno after he made me look like the fool I was. This spelled the end of my first run on the website. Tears were shed, toys were thrown out of prams and somewhere, many miles away, Rex was becoming obsessed with Cows. Not through me, I won't accept the blame for that at all since it had nothing to do with me, 'lulz'. I had been banned.

Banned. What a word. I was now up there on that big list of naughty people, put next to names such as Imperial Dragon and Selim; two people who you're better off not knowing about. I spent a summer living in pity, wallowing in my self hate. What had I become, my greatest friend? I had been banned! Banned! (If you're going to take anything away from this paragraph, let it be the fact that I got banned o.O) What else was there to do? "Another forum" little Robbie though, and with that I opened my trusty search-engine. Several websites came up, none of them could fill the hole that PKMN.NET not being in my life left. Sad as it may seem, I was beginning to miss the website; the funky little jukebox that I used to listen to.. the lovely blue skin that once belonged to Rex that would highlight the forums.. hell, even Muhed! Well.. maybe not that far.. but I did miss the website. I guess being banned was cool for a while, telling all my friends that I had been [i]such[/i] a rebel on a website and gotten myself banned. But then they just laughed at me. I couldn't quite work out why until it was too late. I had to get back on to the website. I had to erase my name from that big list of bans.

What was a lonely white guy trying to make it in a not-so-lonely white guy's world to do? Naturally I tried kissing the asses of the admins, but then I realised that they didn't want to sit on their thrones with soggy wet arses. So what did I do?

You really want to know?

*paragraph missing due to obscene things occuring*

*Scene missing, replaced with a picture of a cow for Rex's amusement*

And that's how I managed to get myself off the ban list. Or did I? I'm not quite sure.. all I know is that in between the strange men in white coats forcing me to take pills, I can now log onto the website and post again. It's a nice feeling to be able to post once again and talk to such interesting people.

Or is it?

I like keeping people uncertain. Ask Alex (CS10) what I was like in McDonalds. "What would you like to order?" "What makes you think I want to order something?" We were there all day!

Hmm.. what's this? A concluding paragraph to bring my story to a close?

Hmm.. whatever should I say?

I can say that in my 5 years on, I've met a crowd of people who have such interesting and awesome personalities. I mean, where else could you find an emo than on here (Love you really Alex =P) ? Or a man who's insane about cows? Or even a girl who goes out with a boy. A girl.. going out with a boy? How absurd Kay! Sadly enough, I'm going to end on a soft, serious note. This website is possibly the friendliest, loveliest website I've been on; believe me, I've been on my fair share of websites. The people on here are fantastic, although some more irritating and perverted than others (lol, Sappy, lol), and it is something you can consider to be a home online.

Imagine that.. coming home from a stressful day at work.. Rex outside keeping the cows content.. William gardening and growing mushrooms (Sorry mate, had to do so =P).. Mike stood in front of the TV scowling at every reference of 'that blue team'.. Alex in the kitchen testing to see if the knives are sharp enough.. Joeno cooking a wonderful tea as Phil and James set the table.

Rather disturbing isn't it?

Page written by Joeno.

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Sappy on Thu 10 Jan 2008 18:13:24 UTC.
Amazing and in Showbiz style too
Mushroom on Thu 10 Jan 2008 20:26:08 UTC.
HEY! Those Mushrooms are for personal use!
Lord Raven on Thu 10 Jan 2008 20:54:35 UTC.
Shows my approval, if only cause you said "bless him" in reference to me.
f3raligatr on Thu 10 Jan 2008 21:00:48 UTC.
Oh are they now? How do you know that Jeroen doesn't request them to spice up his lovely tea he's cooking for us? oO
Simirror on Sat 12 Jan 2008 15:33:15 UTC.
Don't you mean Super Mushrooms? XD
BlackStatic on Sun 13 Jan 2008 06:56:13 UTC.
Nice little life story there Showbiz. Whatever the hell life even IS.
f3raligatr on Sun 13 Jan 2008 23:50:17 UTC.
Thanks for all the positive comments. "BOO YOU" to all the negative comments. =)
Freestyler on Thu 10 Jul 2008 19:46:48 UTC.
i must say, everybody calls me super special annoying!!! ahhh... its fun to be random...^^^^^^^