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HeartGold and SoulSilver Battle: The Final Battle | Close relative of The Final Frontier

Just as in GSC, the legendary Mount Silver, on the border of Johto and Kanto, holds one trainer famous to all.

Some know him as Ash Ketchum, but to his in-game friends he's known as Red.

Red is actually the strongest trainer in any of the games, with his Pikachu the highest in-game opponent at a whopping Level 88. However, as a single battle, Ash... sorry, Red, is very much beatable.

In order to battle the most famous Pokémon trainer of all, you need to have earned all 16 Gym Badges throughout the game and armed with HM08 (Rock Climb - given to you by Professor Oak), launch a full assault on the previously inaccessible Mount Silver.


Lapras, Lv 80

Snorlax, Lv 82

Venusaur, Lv 84

Charizard, Lv 84

Blastoise, Lv 84

Pikachu, Lv 88

Oh, and for some reason, they've decided that every mountain has Hail at the top of it, so the battle against Red will take place in a Hailstorm. Knowing Nintendo, you'd have thought Ash would be bathed in a circle of sunlight, but oh well; you can't have everything I suppose.

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on Mon 14 Sep 2009 03:18:45 UTC.
Hm. I take it Espeon was replaced to take advantage of the Hail? I mean, I anticipate the use and abuse of Blizzard, but two Water Pokemon on the same team? Eh, I'm sure Red knows what's he's doing...
SBM on Mon 14 Sep 2009 10:58:09 UTC.
this team can be beaten by a sandstorm team aslongas it's lead by a hippowdon and knows EQ
Skarmory8 on Mon 14 Sep 2009 17:27:45 UTC.
Is Red a UU battler?
Ya-Yah on Mon 14 Sep 2009 17:58:21 UTC.
If he's so strong why isn't he the Champion anymore? ¬_¬
on Mon 14 Sep 2009 19:14:04 UTC.
Because he's TRANSCENDED the Pokemon League. At least, that's /usually/ the implication. ;P
Luxrod on Mon 14 Sep 2009 19:36:31 UTC.
in no way is red even close to ash...
Spriter Neb on Mon 14 Sep 2009 20:24:56 UTC.
wht doesn't anyone realise that Game Freak makes the games, NOT NINTENDO!
Gallade rulez on Tue 15 Sep 2009 02:45:00 UTC.
I remember Red! from crystal, in fact. Use a Lv.60-70 Furret that knows Thunder, fire, ice punches, and whatever, a Lv.50-70 Typhlosion, that knows Earthquake, a Lv.60-70 Lugia, a Lv.50-60 Suicune, and obviously, whatever else you can think of. (Trust me, I beat him.)
on Tue 15 Sep 2009 15:12:54 UTC.
Ah,he's harder now.should be,as I recently beat Red using a lv57 Quagsire,lv58 Espeon,lv57 Ho-oh,lv51 Gyarados(shiny),lv71 Lugia and a lv47 Meganium.only Meganium and Espeon fainted.
Radioactive Rainbow on Thu 17 Sep 2009 01:55:58 UTC.
This is too much of a winner to be Ash.
charizardmatt on Fri 18 Sep 2009 22:02:06 UTC.
he's there cause he is too powerfull for the elite 4
charizardmatt on Fri 18 Sep 2009 22:02:59 UTC.
he's there cause he is too powerfull for the elite 4
Sizacu on Sat 19 Sep 2009 18:51:58 UTC.
If he were to be Ash, his Pikachu should be level OVER 9000 w/e. >
guardian468 on Sun 20 Sep 2009 20:54:29 UTC.
he's too POWERFUL!!! in the original gold and silver only pikachu was in the 80s. now its all of them. the snorlax was a pain in the... it was the hardest pkmn to beat in my opinion XP
on Tue 22 Sep 2009 10:04:56 UTC.
Bring it on I say! Will havta open a can of ownage on Red/Ash
Skyler and Blazer! Back by Popular Demand! on Thu 24 Sep 2009 14:26:14 UTC.
Sizacu made me laugh! I can't wait for my friend to get my copy, it is taking a while though for some reason.
Mr. I on Wed 14 Oct 2009 22:45:24 UTC.
If you ask me, they should've replaced Blastoise with Espeon.
hardrockcafe on Sat 17 Oct 2009 00:34:03 UTC.
I can see why they replace Espeon with Lapras, it's all because of the hail nice idea to have an ice/water type insted of a psyhic type, he's gonna be hard to beat.... NOT!!!!
AlakazamBoy on Sat 24 Oct 2009 03:05:27 UTC.
I wishies i could have tough pokemons like this guy he a tough tough jk i'll whip him real nicely when this comes to the US.
Stmacl on Sun 08 Nov 2009 21:56:27 UTC.
Charizard, Lapras, Blastoise thunder, Snorlax Focus Punch, Venasaur Overheat, Pikachu Earthquake my Machamp will accel
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